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Download YI Home Camera software and firmware, manual and support for Windows and Mac OS. Basically, I have to mention in advance that I already own a few Yi products and am also very satisfied with them. I had a break-in last year and unfortunately I was left with the damage. Since this is not uncommon in my city, I had to find a solution.

After a lot of back and forth, I was finally able to install a camera in front of my apartment door with my property manager. Since I only record the immediate part right next to my door, I don\’t need a moving camera. But I made sure that the resolution was high.

YI Home Camera Software & Test Review

The Yi home camera with the 1080 resolution is perfect. What I particularly like is this intuitive user interface and setting via the app. There are instructions for use in several languages, but this is not necessary. For the recording itself: If you don\’t insert a micro SD and don\’t have any storage space in the cloud, 10 seconds are still saved when motion or acoustic detection is detected, and can be accessed at any time in the app.

Here you can choose the sensitivity individually. You can define the alarm area, if there is movement in this area, you immediately get a push message on the mobile phone and can see what is happening immediately. The acoustic detection can also be set. A distinction is made between high, medium and low. Night vision is amazing too. For me it is very dark in the hallway and everyone can be seen perfectly. Which is also great, I can speak directly to that person. If I speak something in the app or on the mobile phone, it can also be heard on the camera, if i want that. So, even when I\’m on the road and someone is at my door, I can talk to that person. The design is like me, I find it really timeless. Personally, I don\’t want to be without this camera anymore.

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The resolution is very clear whether in day or night mode. I ordered this surveillance camera to track my dog. Although the quality is specified as 1080p, from my point of view only 720p is achievable (at least that\’s how the quality looks). The setup using a smartphone app is very quick and easy. The app has even been translated. The motion and audio sensors don\’t work optimally in my opinion. You have to be very close to be recognized at all. Noise is picked up very poorly. The night vision is available, but the quality is extremely poor.

Overall, the camera really does perform well for the price. But if you want more and above all expect good quality, this is the wrong place. I can highly recommend the camera for basic use.

If desired, the recordings can be made on a memory card (memory card is not included) or via an external cloud, which is subject to a charge. Since the product \”YI\” is a Chinese company based there, I would not save sensitive recordings anywhere as the security of this product is not there.

The whole thing unpacked and immediately impressed by the beautiful design. So let\’s set up. Downloaded the app, created an account and off we went. The camera was set up and ready to use in a matter of minutes. Everything mega simple. Then activate the appropriate skill in the Alexa app and the camera display worked on my Echo Show 2. The image quality for this really attractively priced camera is totally inspiring. It is small, chic and can be placed quite inconspicuously. Due to the wide angle, the entire room can be seen from one corner of the room. Motion detection works fine too. I do not use the cloud registration, because after the test period there is a fee. I inserted a 256 GB SD card. That does too.

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The scope of delivery includes the camera itself, a charging cable including adapter and a manual with all the necessary information. The processing quality is good and despite the plastic housing, the camera makes a stable and valuable impression.

Thanks to the 112 ° wide angle, the room can be monitored well and with a good arrangement there is no unguarded area. In addition, the camera is very flexible so that the filmed space can be easily adjusted. The position of the camera is stable, which is ensured by the large foot and the rubber ring on the underside.

The forbearance function is particularly useful for monitoring outdoor areas and baby rooms! The quality is surprisingly good and facial features are clearly recognizable even if the hair is depicted a little too light. As with the Action cam 4K + from Yi, this camera is controlled via an app, which works very well and has also convinced of the quality.

As storage options you can choose between micro SD card storage or the new Yi Cloud. The motion detection and the baby detector worked flawlessly, making the camera ideal as a replacement for baby monitors. The camera is also extremely quiet when in use and the bluish glowing light can fortunately be turned off by the app so that you do not notice the camera.

Thanks to a firmware update, the camera now provides 20 fps at 1080p instead of 15 fps. The video quality is good and the digital zoom also fulfills its purpose with decent images. The refresh rate of 20fps is a bit low but just enough.

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