VicTsing MM057 Driver Download PC036 Wireless Mouse

Download Driver VicTsing MM057 PC036 Wireless Mouse. I bought this mouse with initially low expectations. At first I thought that I can’t expect anything for the price of just over 8 €. I was taught something completely different. I’ve been using this mouse for over half a year now and I’m completely satisfied. I didn’t have to change the battery yet, it still lasts.

VicTsing MM057 PC036 Quick Review

I personally use this mouse for office applications, on the Internet and otherwise just for things that a mouse has to do. I don\’t use them for first person shooters like CS: GO or anything like that. So it\’s not a gaming mouse for me, but I also use it in computer games, for example, for menu navigation, etc. In the truck simulator or when flying in FSX, it serves me well. The mouse is used a lot every day and is not always operated gently.

VicTsing PC036 Quality:

The quality is unmatched for this price. It feels very high quality and the keys also feel very good. The pressure point is very comfortable and the mouse wheel is not too smooth. There is no wear and tear, the mouse still looks like it did six months ago. She also survived several falls from the table unscathed.

VicTsing PC036 Function:

The mouse has a sensitivity setting which is available in 5 levels. Level 1 is very slow, levels 2-3 are comfortable and levels 4 and 5 are only for very soulful people. For me it is currently always at level two and I’m very happy with that. So far it has not had any dropouts or other defects. The response time is no different than that of a wired mouse. It has two “buttons” on the side which can be used to switch the pages forwards and backwards (for example in the web browser). This is also very pleasant and you don\’t accidentally come across it.

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VicTsing PC036 Comfort:

The mouse is very easy to use even with relatively large hands and offers a comfortable palm rest. This enables one to work on the PC for hours without getting tired fingers.

VicTsing PC036 Appearance:

For this price, the mouse looks very high quality. It is similar to a gaming mouse, but it looks more business-like. She looks very noble in general.

VicTsing PC036 Negative:

One thing I have to complain about is that the mouse goes into sleep mode after 15 minutes, which means that you have to press any key to reactivate it. However, this is not included in the evaluation, as this can be seen in the product description beforehand. It\’s annoying at first, but once you get used to it, you don’t even notice it anymore.

VicTsing PC036 Conclusion:

This VicTsing PC036 mouse is worth the money. It looks good and meets all the requirements that the average user would expect from a mouse. It has a comfortable weight and is easy to use. I am very happy with this mouse! I will be happy to write an addendum in a long time to add the time the battery lasted. If my contribution has helped, I look forward to a comment.

VicTsing PC036 Download:

VicTsing PC036 Wireless Mouse Driver: Size: 3.14MB

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