Ubit WiFi 6 AX 3000Mbps PCIe WiFi Card Driver Download

Download Driver Ubit AX WiFi 6 WiFi Card for Windows. After I was not satisfied with the speed of my WLAN USB stick (often only 15-20mbit), I found a card here for little money that, according to the data sheet, should have everything you want. Fortunately, I was not disappointed.

Ubit WiFi 6 PCI Drivers Download

The Ubit WiFi 6 installation driver is not a problem for connoisseurs, maybe people could have problems knowing that the card still has to be connected to the internal USB port by cable. (It is also best to check in advance whether a port on the mainboard is free at all!) The card was recognized by Windows 10 as an Intel Wifi 6 card via the driver download and then worked directly without an external driver. Bluetooth 5.0 as well.

In the Speedcheck, the 100Mbit Internet line from home was easily managed with this card. In the local network with the FRITZ! WLAN Repeater 1750E, an SMB copying process ran stably at 200Mbit / ~ 19MB / sec.

After upgrading my internet tariff to a significantly higher bandwidth, a new solution also had to be found for the network adapter. Since the PC and router are as far away from each other as possible, which cannot be spatially changed, and a LAN cable connection is too far for this, I used dvolo in the past. These are adapters that transport the network signal over the power grid in the power socket. It worked great, but I would have to replace this for the new tariff. And they\’re not cheap.

Ubit WiFi 6 PCI Software

That\’s why I was looking for a WLAN card and found it here. In addition to the fact that the shipping was fast, the packaging was very good and the installation was child\’s play, Win10 has both the WLAN function of the card and the Bluetooth after calling up the device manager and updating the driver for 2 unknown devices via its context menu -Function put into operation immediately and without further intervention.

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The Ubit WiFi 6 driver CD included with the product was not required. The packaging also contained a small screwdriver and screws for mounting the card in the PC. The correct alignment of the two antennas was then a little fiddly. However, this is not due to the product, but to the various cables for monitors, keyboard, mouse, etc. that are common on the back of a PC, all of which can be a source of interference for the signal.

Creating some order here is a good idea anyway. And then set up the router accordingly. So far, the WiFi signal for the cell phone was sufficient. However, the new card did not deliver the throughput we had hoped for. Here, too, this is not due to the product. At first I didn\’t want to admit it, but the recommendations for setting up a wireless router should really be followed as well as possible.

Ubit WiFi 6 set it up high and really operate everything on other electrical devices as far away from the router as possible. And bang! The card brought 97% throughput of the new tariff. Over a distance of around 20 meters, through 2 walls, on the 5GHz band. Always very constant after various measurements. I am absolutely thrilled and give a clear recommendation.

Ubit WiFi 6 Driver Download (Click to download)

Driver Tool 


Linux 5.1+

Bluetooth – Win10 – 64 Bit 

WiFi – Win10 – 64 Bit

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