TeckNet Raptor Gaming Mouse Driver, Manual and Software Download For Windows

TeckNet Raptor Gaming Mouse, install, manual, review, Driver and Software Download for Windows. Everyone knows it, as soon as you have bought a new mouse, it will break in the next few months or up to a year. At least that’s always been the case with me. That’s why I bought a cheaper one this time, with the expectation that it would soon go on its knees again. Wrong thought! I’ve been using the mouse for a year now and I have to say I\’m thrilled. In my opinion, the accuracy and battery consumption are still the same as on the first day. The connection to the notebook is always stable and it is also pleasant to use.

TeckNet Raptor Drivers Download

I only used the highest DPI setting very reluctantly, as the accuracy is significantly lower compared to other manufacturers and you hardly ever get to where you want to go with the pointer.

I mainly use the mouse for office or image editing tasks, but games that need quick changes of direction are also no problem. I am happy to have made this purchase and would definitely buy it again.

TeckNet Raptor Review & Spec

I was only used to gaming mice before I bought a laptop, so I was pretty meticulous when choosing. Sensitivity 1000 to 3600 DPI adjustable in 4 levels, from 6 to 666 years and from Word to Call of Duty something for every person and every purpose. If not in use, it will automatically turn off after a few minutes, but it also has a physical switch. LED on or off possible, gives either optics or energy efficiency.

  1. The shape is ergonomic, every hand can do something with it.
  2. The sensor gets along well with any surface.
  3. The price-performance ratio is unbeatable.
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Two small drawbacks: the double-click button on the thumb. Bad placement. Placed clearly better on the left edge of the mouse. And only 2 buttons on the side and not 5. But since not everyone usually plays real-time strategy and simulators and uses construction programs, this is of no concern for most people.

This TeckNet Raptor mouse is just fantastic!

It does everything it should and feels incredibly good in the hand. Even small hands can handle it very well. You can switch the light on, but you don\’t have to switch it on. The receiver can be stowed away wonderfully in the mouse.

Also a huge compliment to the seller! Initial problems and difficulties were resolved immediately. The seller is very helpful and accommodating! Would only give additional stars for that. Unfortunately not possible. Igot this as my birthday gift, directly use fresh out of the package and just works like i would expect it to be!

I am not a crazy gamer like you, but i use the forward and backward button frequently, would have been perfect if the double click button located on top instead of the side. i dont have a big palm nor long thumb not a tall guy you see which makes if i want to use the double button i had to adjust my grip, therefore the location of double click button on the side is a bit useless to me. however i am not complaining because i am not a gamer.

TeckNet Raptor Conclusion

For a long time I was reluctant to use a cordless mouse, but after using another wireless mouse for a short time because I forgot mine, I tried it again with a wireless mouse.

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I decided on this one spontaneously. and was rewarded with a surprisingly good mouse at an affordable price. Whether for office applications or for gaming, this mouse is a pleasure. Lies well in the hand and is easy to grip.

TeckNet Raptor Driver and Manual Download


Description Current Version Action
User Manual For WM389 Click to download
Device Drivers For WM389 Click to download
Device Drivers For WM389 V3 Click to download

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