Tecknet Hypertrak Gaming Mouse Driver, Manual and Software Download For Windows

Tecknet Hypertrak Gaming Mouse, install, manual, review, Driver and Software Download for Windows. I bought the mouse for my office. I\’ve been using it for a little over half a year now. The mouse has been in continuous use for 8 hours and has never failed so far. It is very comfortable and looks great. It\’s not too flashy, but still looks very special. My discount store battery has still been in my mouse for six months. I guess that means this cordless mouse is very energy efficient.

I also know a little about gaming mice and bought them because of their recessions and the price and I have to say, I did not expect this Tecknet Hypertrak quality for the low price.

Tecknet Hypertrak Drivers & Review

It feels very high quality and is easy to use. The weight is okay, but could also be made variable with additional weights. I also think that it is battery-operated, so I save myself constant charging. I bought the Tecknet mouse because my old mouse with cable connection had given up its ghost and I wanted a wireless alternative. The mouse feels great in the hand and is easy to use. Thanks to two buttons behind the mouse wheel, you can easily adjust the DPI. The battery life is also great, as the mouse automatically switches off when not in use, thus saving battery.

The Tecknet Hypertrak mouse lies very comfortably in the hand and glides extremely easily. The space between the floor and the buttons on the left is tight for my thumb (I have a rather large thumb), so it can happen that you accidentally press the button when you lift the mouse up to reposition it. 

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Tecknet Hypertrak Gaming Mouse Product Specification:

  1. DPI Resolution: 500/1000/2000/4000
  2. No. of Buttons: 10
  3. Programmable: Yes
  4. Extra Weight: 6PCS, Each 4g
  5. LED light: Changeable

But does not affect the general functionality. The price-performance ratio is unbeatable. The automatic shutdown when not in use is ingenious. The integrated blue light around the rotary knob (center button) is really stylish, as is the entire appearance. Conclusion 5 stars and buy recommendation.

The Tecknet Hypertrak mouse offers everything you really need. No more and no less. It is very comfortable and usually looks good. I am glad to have gotten rid of the tangled cables and the connection via USB works perfectly so far.

The mouse has a switch so you can turn off the mouse manually, which I think is good! In general, the price-performance ratio is very good and I can highly recommend the mouse, especially because of the additional buttons. Of course it doesn\’t have any super special functions, but that wasn\’t expected either.

It is now the 3rd mouse that I have acquired in a short time. The first was ordered with a cable for the computer. Then I ordered 2 identical mice for the two laptops as wireless mice. All 3 do a perfect job. They are easy to hold. Are not too easy.

Tecknet Hypertrak Connection

Connection is child\’s play and without complications, and the mice react without delay. Several speeds can be set. Due to the 2.4GH technology, the mice can operate 2 separate computers in the immediate vicinity. The price is great too. Visually, these mice are available with different lighting. Red and blue. I can only recommend these mice.

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Didn\’t want to spend too much so Logitech etc. dropped out. My desktop mouse is a Microsoft Tech Mouse because I do a lot of video editing. This mouse does not come close to MS in terms of functions, but is just as convenient. Have normal hands and can work comfortably with the mouse. Looks good and is precise, 5 stars from me.

Tecknet Hypertrak Driver, Software and Manual Download


Description Current Version Previous Version Action
User Manual Click to download
User Manual Hypertrak User Manual Click to download
Device driver V1.0 This software will NOT work for V2 mouse. Click to download
Device driver V2.0 V2 mouse is pictured above, please only choose this software if you have this mouse. Click to download

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