Sony Action Cam Movie Creator Download

Download Sony Action Cam Movie Creator. Sony offers for its action cameras, the use of the free software \”Action Cam Movie Creator\”. Relatively basic but very easy to use, it allows you to quickly import photos and videos to a computer. In this way, you can make montages, cut sequences, change the speed (slow motion or acceleration) or add sound, and so on.

Thanks to the GSP sensor, some data is saved and this software allows to include them in the videos. We will then have information such as the instantaneous speed, the average speed, the number of km traveled and a route layout. Very nice but obviously does not lend itself to all disciplines. Sony has also thought of putting a tool to compile the timelaps in its software, very simple and effective, a very good point.


Download Movie Creator Software Sony Action Cam

I have tested 2 applications that can be used with the Sony FDR-X1000V camera. These are \”PlayMemories Mobile\” and \”Action Cam\”. The first one allows to replace the remote control if necessary. It will thus allow to make framing, to launch a recording, to modify all the settings, etc. Also very responsive and relatively easy to use, it offers a good alternative to the remote control. By cons, to choose, without hesitation I opt for the remote control.

The second application (Action Cam) allows you to edit the videos recorded with the action cam: manage slow motion (or accelerations), add small transition effects, insert a soundtrack and share videos. Very simple to take in hand, this app will appeal to people who like to put their exploits quickly on social networks.

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