SJCAM SJ6 Legend Firmware Download

SJCAM SJ6 Legend Drivers Download. The battery in which the camera is equipped has a capacity of 1000 mAh. According to the producer, it should be enough for about 110 minutes of recording. I have tested the length of action several times and the average (depending on activity and temperature) was 93 minutes. The lowest result (on frost below -5 degrees Celsius) is 87 minutes. It must be said that the data given by the manufacturer can be considered as factual (certainly tested in laboratory conditions, hence small deviations from my measurements).

SJCAM SJ6 Legend Firmware Download

The supply voltage is 5V 1A. Unfortunately, the device is charging for a relatively long time (about three hours) which may have some significance for some people. However, you can buy additional batteries on the distributor website that will allow you to record continuously for a much longer time. SJ6 Legend can be loaded with a network charger, car charger or via a computer.

The camera supports cards up to 64 GB (class 1 or more) as well as selected 128 GB cards. The recording formats are:


  1. Photo: JPEG
  2. Audio: AAC
  3. Video: H.264

An interesting and very valuable feature is the aforementioned stabilizer that really works. When cycling quietly, you can clearly see the difference after launching it and the films gain even more.

Action Cam Firmware SJCAM SJ6 Legend Download

The camera has a dedicated application SJCAM APP. Unfortunately, the app is resource-consuming so it is worth having a smartphone with good parameters (my Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 gives advice). The application allows you to control the device via Wi-Fi (which is another useful feature of the SJ6 Legend). But… you can also buy an additional external microphone or remote control – it\’s also a plus of the device.

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Who is the camera for? For each active person. It will be used by runners or mountain runners, cyclists, sailors, snowboarders, skiers and people who love motocross. You can also record family events (my 3,5 year old likes to record movies with her). Due to the small footprint, you can take it with you, without any remorse, to enjoy the possibility of recording good quality movies.

In terms of price and quality SJCAM SJ6 Legend currently is probably second to none, it’s good equipment, at a very good price and in addition with many practical additions. It is worth investing in it looking for a budget webcam with a lot of possibilities.


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