SJCAM M10 Firmware Download

SJCAM M10 Drivers Download. The comes of the M10 + with 2K video recordings and a gyro image stabilizer. Dominates an Action Cam 2K video recordings, then you can actually synonymous with it Full HD with 60fps and 720p120 record.

For this Cam, one decides on the basis of the form. Either you find them visually beautiful or it just fits better to the desired application. In addition, I like the arrangement of the buttons and the battery compartment, which can be opened better than all other models from SJCAM.

SJCAM M10 Firmware Update

In addition to the possibility to record in 2K, a gyro sensor was added for image stabilization. Can it also do what it promises or is it just a marketing gimmick? Yes it works! And pretty good, too. In the contribution to the HSP Planet, I used the SJCAM M10 + to take pictures while driving and to try out image stabilization.

Download SJCAM M10 Firmware
Note: Before the firmware update, please make sure to use a high quality class 10 memory card, a list of supported cards can be found HERE

To upgrade the firmware properly, follow the steps carefully:

1. Power the camera off.
2. Remove the MicroSD card from the camera.
3. Reformat the MicroSD card using the FAT32 file format on your computer*.
4. Copy the firmware \’bin\’ file into the root directory of your MicroSD card, please keep the firmware \’bin\’ file\’s name.
5. Reinsert the SD card to your camera.
6. Connect the camera with charger, the camera will be upgraded automatically. If your battery was full, you do not need to connect the camera with charger.
7. After the firmware update was completed, please delete the \’bin\’ file.

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*We recommend to do the format under Windows or MAC, some Linux users are getting problems updating because the format is not correct.

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