Seagate Hard Disk Portabel Expansion Software Download

Download Software for Seagate Hard Disk Portabel. Seagate Hard Disk Portable really fits a lot and if you have the right USB connection it will probably be described as quickly as it is written there, but even with a connection that is not that fast it will be described quickly. If you want to drag a lot of small data (pictures) onto it, it is quite fast (faster than my old one). With a lot of larger data (videos) it will be a little slower if it is at the same time, but it still undercuts the time specified by Windows by about half.

Seagate Hard Disk Portabel Software & Review

All in all, it is a really good, light and small hard drive that does not require any extra power, which for me alone was the reason for the purchase in addition to the good specified performance. I can\’t say how long it lives, but since my last (also from Seagate) had bad reviews and this has already more than tripled the specified runtime (now it lives 7 years), I am confident in this regard.

You shouldn\’t over use them, which in my opinion was the case with the bad reviews. After all, it is a hard drive for a backup, which in my opinion you do at most once a week and not four times a day. In my opinion, you don\’t need such a large record for something like that.

I am absolutely thrilled with the 1 TB version of this HD and cannot understand the complaints about the transmission speed being too low. More on that in a moment; First, however, another good news: Although it is not mentioned in the product description or in the data sheet: This disk or the SATA-USB bridge (0bc2: 2344) also runs under Linux!

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Now to the speed: I used a Lenovo x240s in a docking station for testing and used the USB ports of the docking station and the original connection cable of the hard drive. Operating system: Xubuntu 04/20. During the test, I wrote texts, calculated tables, surfed, watched videos and much more with the clipper.

The following command was used for testing:

sudo dd if = / dev / urandom of = / dev / sdb bs = 1M status = progress (in each case until the disk was full)

Results for writing the entire disk:

USB 2.0 – 44 MB / s

USB 3.0 – 120 MB / s

You can\’t complain about that, can you? Yes: unreservedly recommendable!

Seagate Hard Disk Portabel For Gaming

A great HDD (finally, otherwise only failures in the warehouse) ran for 8 hours and great design and fast, despite continuous access for backup relatively cool! A clear recommendation, data transfer fluctuates between 105 and 120 Mbit/s is sufficient, the Seagate tools for hardware encryption are good.

WD my Passport is better, but you can\’t have everything, on the whole more than sufficient and it would be nice if more colors came into play with a textile surface in red and / or green would be top, also size 3 or 4 TB is still missing for all those who complain about the speed under Windows, just plug it in and expect miracles is not possible, the correct setting of an external HDD (no matter which one) is of course a prerequisite, so the ratings for the negative performance are only inappropriate

I use the hard drive externally for my PlayStation 4 and am currently very satisfied. The games don\’t necessarily load faster than with Sony\’s built-in hard drive, but it does what it\’s supposed to. However, what bothers me now and then is that it gets quite loud now and then. This only lasts for a short time, probably because the game data is being loaded.

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I was looking for a hard drive that could accommodate all of my PS4 games. There are not very many, so 1Tb is enough for me. However, some memory hogs like The Witcher & Horizon Zero Dawn or Ark are included.

When the hard drive arrived, there was disillusionment. Unfortunately I was unable to format them for my Play Station 4. I was really disappointed until I got the stupid idea to just change the USB port (both are actually okay) and behold! It worked. I was super happy and immediately pummeled the record. In any case, the Seagate external hard drive is worth the money.

Seagate Hard Disk Portabel Support & Download

Download Seagate Toolkit – File Back Up Software (Windows 32/64-bit)

Download Seagate SeaTools – Disk Diagnose (Windows 32/64-bit)

Download Seagate DiskWizard – Disk Tools Wizard (Windows 32/64-bit)

Download Seagate Driver Paragon – Disk Formatting (Windows 32/64-bit)

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