Razer Pro Click, Type and Glide Review: Well equipped in the office

In addition to fine gaming equipment, Razer also offers office equipment. The newest members of the Office family are the ergonomic Pro Click mouse, the Pro Type mechanical keyboard and the Pro Glide mouse pad. We put them to the test in our office.


Razer Pro Click, Type and Glide Design: workmanship vs. ergonomics

No black, no neon green, no RGB lighting: This time, Razer does without the color choice known from the gaming company and instead opts for an office-compatible look. With the Razer Pro Type keyboard, not only the keycaps are white, but also the key lighting, which can be adjusted in more than ten levels and illuminates the aluminum surface of the keyboard in white.

Also worth mentioning is the LED light, yes, it is white! Above the number pad, which reveals which of three pairable Bluetooth devices is currently connected. The keyboard is definitely not for users who don’t like white.

In addition to the dominant white, the color gray plays a role as a contrast. The feet of the keyboard and the thumb rest of the mouse Pro Click are gray. In addition, the entire Pro Glide mouse pad is colored gray, so that the mouse stands out with its white surface. The mouse pad is made of a three millimeter thick foam, offers a microfiber surface and a rubberized, non-slip bottom. At 360 x 275 millimeters, it is nice and large, and the ball of the hand can also rest on it.

While the keyboard is very well made, this cannot be said of the mouse. It consists of rather cheap materials and can be pressed in at various points with a certain amount of force. Particularly noticeable is the cheap plastic from which the forward and back buttons are made. Despite its price of 90 euros, the Pro Click is also charged with a micro USB cable, while the keyboard uses USB-C. So you need two different cables to charge the Razer accessories.

On the other hand, the mouse is light at 106 grams and lies extremely well in the hand. For comparison: The Roccat Kone Aimo Remastered, which is of a similar size, weighs 130 grams. Razer worked with Humanscale to develop the ergonomic office furniture for the Pro Click. You can tell that the Pro Click is undoubtedly one of the most comfortable mice I’ve used so far. However, I have large hands and can imagine that users with small hands would prefer a smaller mouse.

The keyboard can be set up with the feet at two different heights, but it allows itself a major faux pas: There is no palm rest. This is hardly excusable for an office keyboard for 150 euros and costs ergonomics points. Curious, considering that the mouse is particularly ergonomic.

The mouse is made of inexpensive materials, but impresses with its successful ergonomics. The keyboard is very well made, but does not have a palm rest and thus saves on ergonomics. We have nothing to criticize about the simple mouse pad.


Razer Pro Click, Type and Glide Technology: Thank you, pro gamer

Demanding gamers are the driving force behind technological development, office workers are now also benefiting from the high-score-chasing gamblers, because the Razer Pro Click and Pro Type are equipped with very good switches and sensors.

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Under the buttons of the Razer Pro Type sit the Razer Orange Switches, which are similar to the more well-known brown Cherry switches. They are “tactile”, which means that you feel some resistance before triggering and then have to press the buttons a little harder. This way you avoid incorrect entries, which is useful for an office keyboard. The switches are relatively quiet compared to most of the others, but typing undoubtedly sounds louder than on a membrane keyboard.

I asked around the office and nobody minded. If several colleagues are using a Razer Pro Type, things might look different. There are quieter mechanical switches with damping on the market such as the Cherry MX Red Silent and last but not least, the damped orange switches from Razer that are in the BlackWidow Lite. How strange that the switches in the Pro Type are not additionally damped.

Razer Pro Type keyboard Specification: The technology:

  1. Relatively quiet and tactile “Razer Orange” switches
  2. Programmable keys with macro recording
  3. Bluetooth and 2.4 GHz connectivity with up to four devices
  4. White LED lighting
  5. 10-key rollover for simultaneous recognition of 10 keys
  6. Run time up to 12 hours via Bluetooth or 2.4 GHz with lighting
  7. Up to 84 hours via Bluetooth without lighting
  8. Up to 78 hours via 2.4 GHz without lighting
  9. Supports Razer Synapse 3 software
  10. Weight: 900 grams
  11. Cable length: 2 meters

Rubber dome keyboards are usually used in offices because they are quieter and, above all, much cheaper than mechanical keyboards. However, anyone who has typed on a mechanical keyboard for a long time no longer wants to go back to a membrane keyboard. Typing is usually much more precise and faster on a keyboard with mechanical switches.

Incidentally, the Pro Click mechanical switches are also located under the two large mouse buttons, which stand for durability and precise input. Also convincing: the precise sensor with 16,000 dpi known from gaming mice. The button under the mouse wheel is used to switch between different scanning levels, so you can quickly select the sensitivity that best suits the respective program.

The technology borrowed from Razer gaming devices enables precise typing and precise mouse control.


Razer Pro Click, Type and Glide Connectivity and software: Connect to four devices at once

Both mouse and keyboard can be wirelessly connected to up to four devices. Three of the couplings are based on Bluetooth, another is via the USB dongle supplied. The mouse also works with a cable connection, but the keyboard can only be charged using the cable. Switching between different Bluetooth devices works on the Pro Type via function key + 1, 2 or 3. With the mouse, a button on the bottom is used for this.

Mouse Razer Pro Type Specification: The technology

  1. Optical sensor with 16,000 dpi
  2. 8 independently programmable buttons
  3. Bluetooth and 2.4 GHz connectivity with up to four devices
  4. Cable operation possible
  5. Mechanical switches for up to 50 million clicks
  6. Clickable and tiltable scroll wheel
  7. Integrated dpi memory for up to 5 profiles
  8. Up to 400 hours via Bluetooth
  9. Up to 200 hours via 2.4 GHz
  10. Supports Razer Synapse 3 software
  11. Weight: 106 grams
  12. Cable length: 1.8 meters

In practice, the use of different devices works well, the switching works quickly after the setup. Possible uses are the alternating use of keyboard and mouse with the tablet, laptop and desktop PC. The office devices work without the manufacturer’s software, but those who want can use Razer Synapse to adapt them to their needs. The mouse has eight programmable buttons.

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In addition, all keys of the Pro Type can be programmed and macros created (key combinations that are triggered by pressing a key), and you can also activate an alternative assignment of all keys (“hypershift”). The intensity and type of keyboard lighting can also be set up in the software. You set the key brightness yourself on the keyboard; the software also has a “breathing” lighting that you can select, which slowly turns on and off. A show effect from the gaming area.

The wireless connection with several devices can be practical and works well, the software offers many programming and setting options.


Razer Pro Click, Type and Glide Conclusion: office accessories for the discerning

The Razer Pro Glide keyboard doesn’t completely deny its gaming background with its spacey design and key lighting, but it should also look good in the office. Users are happy about the high-quality, relatively quiet mechanical switches that facilitate fast and precise typing. The workmanship leaves nothing to be desired, but Razer’s lack of a palm rest is annoying, which should certainly not be missing in ergonomic office keyboards for 150 euros. The runtime with deactivated lighting should also be significantly longer. Competitors don’t offer days here, but months.

The Razer Pro Click mouse impresses with its extremely ergonomic design, making it very pleasant to work with. Its weakness is the processing of noticeably cheap materials, which is daring for the 90 euro price. The outdated micro-USB port is also irritating. We have nothing to complain about the Pro Glide mouse mat, it is primarily to be understood as a supplement to the other Razer office products.

The question remains about the price-performance ratio. For a wireless mechanical keyboard with Bluetooth, the Razer Pro Glide is reasonably priced. A possible alternative is the Logitech G613 Lightspeed with a battery life of a full 18 months, but without lighting. In terms of workmanship and technology, it is not at Razer’s height, but the price is only around 100 euros. If you don’t need a number pad, you could use the Razer BlackWidow Lite. The white version has the same design as the Type Pro, but with dampened, even quieter switches. And it only costs 100 euros like the Logitech.

The Logitech MX Master 3 is considered a particularly good ergonomic mouse, which can be connected via Bluetooth, 2.4 GHz and cable. If you have no problem with gaming utensils in the office, you can think about the Razer Basilisk Ultimate, which can be connected wirelessly via 2.4 GHz or via USB cable. Razer Pro Type, Pro Click and Pro Glide have the advantage that they look good together and represent an all-round carefree package for discerning office residents, provided they can live with the disadvantages mentioned.


Razer Pro Click, Type and Glide Pros:

  • + Very well made keyboard
  • + Very ergonomic mouse
  • + All-round good mouse pad
  • + Uniform office design of the set

Razer Pro Click, Type and Glide Cons:

  • – Moderate battery life for the keyboard
  • – Mouse made from cheap materials
  • – Mouse with micro USB port instead of USB-C
  • – There are quieter mechanical switches

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