Raven Original Scanner Drivers & Software + Manual

Download Driver and Software Raven Original Document Scanner. I was a little worried because of the reviews about the difficulties in setting the Raven Original Scanner up, but I had an easy-ish time with my iMac. I ended up using the USB cable because I find WLAN (WiFi) communications in my house to be unreliable and I really don’t need to scan to my phone or tablets; I also confess that when the setup asked me if my WLAN connection was a “direct connection” or an “access point connection,” I was stumped, and I didn’t feel like researching the question on the web for more than five minutes when I’m happy with the USB.

Raven Original Scanner Driver Installer & Software

At first, I was aghast at the scan quality, but things improved when I changed the setting to make all scans color and done at the “Best” quality (300 dpi). The pages zip through very quickly and I love that it scans two sides at once. It’s just a dream for converting all my mail and receipts and whatnot into pdf files – it is so much faster than using the scanner on a multifunction printer. It’s expensive, but if it keeps working for at least 3 years, it’ll be well worth it as far as I’m concerned.

Oh … another irksome thing: Straight out of the box, I’m getting a consistent message that the lenses are dirty. I wiped them as instructed and the “dirt” message showed less dirt on the lenses but I couldn’t get the message to go away. I see no issues with the qualities of the scans, though, so I’m ignoring the messages. But it’s a little annoying to have that issue with the machine when you take it straight out of the box. Still, as I said, all the important stuff is working smoothly and so far I am excited to scan all the papers quickly on my desk and then shred the darn things!

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This Raven Original Scanner machine in my view is 5 stars if compared to the competition. However, I will give 4 stars for the following reasons: expensive, design-wise I would prefer the previous model, not so easy to set up for novice users. Other than that, it does everything perfectly at the Pro level. Fast, reliable, high quality, silent, relatively compact, huge list of functionalities, so many different options for connectivity. Amazing OCR capabilities for text search within scanned documents supporting a big set of Greek languages ​​included.

Raven Original Scanner Installation

Raven Original Scanner scan speeds of up to 30 pages per minute, duplex two-sided scanning, and an automatic document feeder that holds up to 50 sheets, this scanner is built to handle any office or home setting. No cables or Raven Original Scanner software installation required to start scanning to your favorite cloud destinations, email, fax, or USB flash drive. Scan quality modes support 200dpi, 300dpi, 400dpi and 600dpi.

Raven Original Scanner comes with a large 7 inch LCD touchscreen, automatic deskewing to prevent crooked pages, and automatic blank page removal for optimal scanning workflow. Your PDF documents are fully searchable with built-in AI-driven optical character recognition (OCR) that detects text and handwriting on pages, making it easy to find your documents.

Raven Original Scanner Software Download

Raven Scanner Original via TWAIN Drivers for Windows

Raven Original Scanner User Manual PDF

Raven Original Scanner via TWAIN Drivers for Mac OS

Raven Original Scanner USB Driver for Windows

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