Radeon Catalyst Drivers Download Crimson 15.11

Even a Radeon AMD (formerly ATI) always needs a current driver to make it work properly, in particular with games. Here you will find the current Radeon Catalyst drivers, the now named Crimson carry, to download. When downloading that you select the correct driver for your configuration (desktop, notebook, Windows version and model).
Radeon Crimson VGA
Radeon Crimson VGA

Once the Radeon plugged into the motherboard, it needs of course the appropriate graphics card drivers, the (formerly Catalyst) is AMD Crimson. AMD updates the driver (currently) rather irregular intervals. The version number is always the date of publication. So 15.1 represents January 2015. This can indeed conclude that there is a new monthly driver, but that was not always the case and AMD holds also not explicitly to the naming scheme. Rather, you have to, especially when new games have appeared, often be content with beta drivers take. The current download can be found here in the article. Download can be the version for desktop computers and notebooks. Always select the correct operating system. If you\’re after older Windows drivers or Linux distributions, a visit to the website amd.com recommends.

AMD Radeon drivers Details

In this article, we provide also a few customization options of AMD Crimson. The aufälligste modification Radeon Software Crimson 15.11, so the full name of the new AMD driver package, is the user interface named \”Radeon Settings\”: From now on Radeon owners get a chic, anthracite-red and pleasantly clear graphical interface to face – at least to greatest parts, for a handful of features like the advanced display properties starts still a window of the familiar Catalyst Control Center.

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Took it in the past often for several seconds until the CCC appeared on the screen and had completely assembled, the new Radeon Software appear on our test computers almost immediately. After this little wow factor is gone, followed by the next: The main window of the Radeon Settings is modern, tidy and has a transparency that can shine through the Windows desktop plus icons. Nvidia driver panel, whose face has not changed for years, on the other hand seems antiquated. Anyone interested in more details about the new driver that should aurufen our products for AMD Crimson with benchmarks. As for AMD Omega once we have the theme exactly illuminated.


 AMD Radeon drivers Download
The correct driver, which can be a bit complicated at AMD. Basically, the current driver for the \”Crimson Edition Radeon graphics cards HD 7700, HD 8500, R5, R7 and R9 or later as well as some APUs from the series Kaveri, Carrizo and Godavari support. In principle applies that the Crimson driver are offered only for 64-bit operating systems – namely usually Windows 7, Windows 8.1 (not 8) and Windows 10. All information provided in each case unless otherwise stated. If you have a Radeon HD 5000/6000 series or older who must rely on the old Catalyst driver. Even older graphics cards are supported only on so-called legacy drivers that are available from the manufacturer. The same is true for 32-bit operating systems. Make sure that some browsers block the download of executable files and you need to confirm the download only. The downloads can be found below.
Downloads Driver AMD Radeon Crimson:

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