QUMOX SJ4000 Firmware Download

QUMOX SJ4000 Drivers Download. If you look for negative online reviews on this little gem, it\’s hard to find. It will be because they managed to concentrate in an object that costs just under € 70 all that is necessary to have fun. The video quality is definitely good. Record in FullHD, even if only 30fps, on Micro SDHC cards, has excellent stabilization and is very responsive to exposure settings, even in the transition from shaded areas to areas full of light.

QUMOX SJ4000 Firmware Update

Obviously, like the older sisters, she \”scatters\” when little light is present. The audio part is incredibly clean: no ticking or background noise, excellent for use as a car camera. The control display is definitely comfortable. Even if it does not have a remote control or WiFI, it is easy to understand, given the price, it has a complete menu that allows, even if in a rather difficult way, to access all the various system voices.
Action Cam Firmware QUMOX SJ4000 Download
The battery lasts about an hour and you can buy a second one for less than 10 €. I came across the camera while searching for the release date of the new GoPro HERO4. Actually, I wanted to buy the GoPro HERO3 + Silver if, according to my hope, it would have been cheaper with the new GoPro HERO4. But after seeing various comparisons between the SJ4000 and the GoPro Hero3 (+) camera, I was convinced of the quality of the images and the price of the SJ4000 camera.QUMOX SJ4000 Full HD Action Camera 1. The QUMOX SJ4000 has a 12 megapixel chip and can record in FullHD on MicroSD card. The menu is very extensive and offers many functions such. Motion detection (motion detection) and time-lapse photography. The accessories are impressive. There are various mounting materials for mounting on the helmet, bicycle and other recreational sports equipment.
Download Drivers Action Cam QUMOX SJ4000
The picture shows the camera in the outdoor or underwater housing and a foot with the counterpart z. B. can be attached to the helmet.QUMOX SJ4000 Full HD Action Camera 2Through a small conversion (had to disassemble the quadcopter anyway for repair) I have also made room for a bracket and there mounted the camera.
Until I have a protective lens, the camera remains in the protective housing.QUMOX SJ4000 Full HD Action Camera on Quadrocopter On the subject versions: Since the firmware (N20140809V01) is quite up to date with my model and the camera offers a TV mode (interesting for first person view with the quadrocopter) in the menu, I have, according to information in the network despite the V01 in the firmware that new LCD or PCB. Attention: There is now a fake of the clone! Sounds weird is like that. 🙂Look closely where I buy your camera. I have mine from Amazon and I am pretty sure that mine is not a fake.
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