Princess 236024 electric kettle: Fast temperature rise

The Princess 236024 kettle plays the card of simplicity with a single temperature level. To justify its high-end positioning, it has a feature that is quite rare for this type of product: the double wall.


Princess 236024 Review

Marketed in May 2020 at a price of around € 60, the Princess 236024 electric kettle (despite its very unattractive name) is a premium product, according to the manufacturer at least. It has a double wall, supposed to reduce noise during boiling and the outside temperature of the wall (to avoid burns). This asset should help it maintain hot water “naturally”. However, the manufacturer has opted for simplicity by offering only one temperature level.

The Princess 236024 has a carafe with a capacity of 1.5 l. Completely opaque, it does not require as frequent maintenance as an all-glass container, on which lime deposits are quickly visible. But this does not exempt it from regular descaling in order to maintain optimal performance.

As we have already mentioned, its tank has a double wall which is very useful for keeping the water warm “naturally”. This feature should also reduce the sound level of boiling or considerably reduce the heat outside the carafe. Despite everything, it is light (1.6 kg empty), especially compared to the KitchenAid Artisan 5KEK1522 also equipped with a double wall which still displays 2.2 kg on the scale.

When filling, the water level is checked thanks to the very basic graduation inscribed inside the tank. However, this system is not very practical and we clearly prefer indicators placed directly on the carafe, like that of the Tefal KI240D10.

The base of the Princess 236024 has a cord holder to adjust the length of the cable. Once the kettle has been filled with the desired amount of water, place the carafe on the base and press the lever under the handle to start heating. This illuminated button is the only indicator indicating the operation of the device.

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The little light on the lever is not very visible in broad daylight. During service, a removable limescale filter traps scale particles so they don’t end up in the cup. We regret that its grid is plastic, more fragile than stainless steel. The anti-limescale filter clips onto the holes in the spout directly in the tank.

Princess 236024: Ease of maintenance

As we have pointed out, the opaque tub of the Princess 236024 does not require as frequent maintenance as a glass container, but regular descaling is still necessary. The diameter of the mouthpiece is large enough to easily slide your hand through. Use a soft, damp cloth to remove dust and any traces on the exterior of the carafe. Same process for the base which must be unplugged to avoid any risk of electrocution. Finally, to clean the limescale filter, it is soaked in white vinegar and water. Above all, do not rub it too vigorously so as not to damage the plastic grid.


Princess 236024 Heated

Very fast, the Princess 236024 takes only 2 min 26 s to bring 1 l of water from 20° C to 95° C. This performance enabled it to take first place in our comparison test in this area, ahead of the Lagrange 509 01 X which, let us remember, succeeded in this exercise in 2 min 36 seconds.

We tested its ability to keep water warm “naturally” by raising the temperature after boiling. Thus we noted that the water reaches 87° C after 15 min of inactivity. 79° C is reached after 30 min and 68° C after one hour. Its double wall is therefore effective in retaining heat.

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It follows the most efficient kettle in this field, the Tefal Smart & Light KO850810 for which we noted a temperature of 87° C after 15 min, of 80° C after 30 min, and finally of 69° C. one hour after the end of boiling.


Princess 236024 Noise

When boiling, the sound level reaches 51 dB (A) at 1 m. This performance is excellent and the place as the quietest kettle in our comparison. By way of comparison, the volume of a “normal” conversation is around 60 dB (A).


Princess 236024 Consumption

To bring 1 l of water to a boil, the Princess 236024 is one of the most energy-intensive kettles since it swallows up 0.11 kWh. As a reminder, the least greedy that we have tested so far is the Siméo BVI160 with 0.09 kWh.


Princess 236024 Pros:

  • Easy to use.
  • Removable limescale filter.
  • Rapid rise in temperature.
  • Double wall effective in keeping water warm “naturally”.

Princess 236024 Cons:

  • Summary water level graduation.
  • A single temperature level.
  • Power consumption.

Princess 236024 Conclusion

Even if it has only one temperature stage, the Princess 236024 is an electric kettle that gives complete satisfaction. It heats up faster than its shadow and its use is as easy as pie. The Bosch Styline TWK8611P, just as recommendable, is however a little more versatile thanks to its multiple temperature levels.

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