Nikon KeyMission 360 Firmware Download

Nikon KeyMission 360 Drivers Download. For most of the test, the camera works really well. Above all, it\’s easy to start the camera completely remotely via the app in the mobile phone. From here, I can wake the camera from hibernation and get a live view of what the camera sees, start and stop video recording, and take still pictures and refuel them to the phone. Just that it works smoothly, however, is not something I notice at the start of the test, because then everything seems wrong to do just that. It takes lots of failed attempts before I get in touch with camera and app. Video recordings are terminated after just a few seconds. The transfer of images and movies from the camera goes untidily slowly, and when I upload the images on sites like Google Photos and Flickr, they do not know that there are panoramic images.

Software Nikon KeyMission 360 Download

All these errors are resolved when I successfully update the system software in the camera. Just when I get so much trouble with the camera it becomes clear that the hardware design is not optimal. The time that the connection to the mobile phone does not work shows how dependent it is. When the camera is experiencing problems, getting updated software or being taken without a mobile it becomes very difficult to know what it is trying to tell you. Without the mobile phone available, start the camera by pressing the camera or video button. No start button, so when you get started, the camera takes a picture directly, whether you want it or not. The camera thus has only two buttons and offers no other possibilities for direct control.

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What I especially miss is a small display so that you can get an indication of what the camera is doing. When I update the software, the camera signals a variety of flashes: The color of the lights, any flashes and the pace of them determine what the signal means and there are ten different meanings. In short, it is impossible to speak without consulting the instructions every time. Fortunately, these flashes usually fail to signal errors after updating to the more stable software, but the need for better control and information from the camera, even without mobile connection, remains.

The app I think Nikon could do better. Especially because the cell phone is so central when we use the camera, the shortcomings in the app are clear. It is noticeable that Nikon has limited experience here, unlike for example LG and Samsung, which both loosened the mobile connection more smoothly. We do not get any live image in the app when we shoot and most of all the finished movies are sometimes a bit strange to transfer to the mobile, although obviously an emergency solution is to pick out the memory card from the camera and take the pictures directly from there.

Nikon delivers among the best picture quality of a 360 camera without having to impress because the shortcomings are noticeable. On the other hand, the job 360 is worth doing a lot because the option is to take a lot of individual photos and sew together into a sphere. In this case, you can live with poor image quality and a half-time mobile app.

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Nikon keymission 360:

  • Dimensions: 65.7 x 60.6 x 61.1 mm
  • Weight: 198 grams (Classic model: 59 grams)
  • For: App for Android and Ios
  • Camera: 30 megapixel, 1.6mm focal length, f / 2, ISO 100-1600, movies up to 4K
  • Storage: Micro SD card
  • slot Other: Stable and water resistant to IPX8 standard, can be used 30 meters below the surface for up to 60 minutes.
Nikon KeyMission 360 FIRMWARE:

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