MSI GE73 7RD Raider Driver for Windows

MSI GE73 7RD-004 Raider Drivers Win 64-bit. The MSI GE73 7RD-004 laptop meets my requirements 100% price-performance is top. The VGA got a bit too warm for me, with very demanding games sometimes over the 90+, undervolted and everything is perfect. Usually between 70-80 now. If you should also do this with the graphics card, I even had a power boost with lower consumption and lower temperatures. Just let the good MSI take its breath, then it is largely quiet and powerful.

MSI GE73 7RD Driver Download

I think the keyboard lighting is nice, dimmable in 3 levels. Display is fine, but not the best. Every game up to the present day can be played at Hohen to Maxsettings. Whereby at 1080 almost always 60 fps can be achieved. Of course you could also wait for the 20rtx, but it\’s hardly worth it in my eyes, not from the price and not from the heat problems that this entails.
After long struggling with myself whether it should be a gaming notebook again or not, I ended up with the MSI GE73 7RD-004 and so far I haven\’t been disappointed. Delivery arrived on time within a day and was unpacked immediately. Setup was amazingly painless and quick, a few Windows stories, nothing else. The few downloads were done to get up to date (you can tell that the installation is relatively new) and off we went.
Only a normal HD was installed in my old laptop and here you can see the speed and quality of the SSD very well. 256 GB should be enough for the most important things, you still have the 1TB HDD to choose from. This is not slow either. Windows start takes place in max. I know that very differently. The MSI GE73 7RD-004 laptop really cannot be heard in Windows mode! And even under full load this is no comparison to my old Alienware. The graphics performance of the 1060 is more than enough for me. The MSI GE73 7RD-004 quality of the screen is very good, and it passed the first operation on the terrace. Of course it could be a little brighter there, but you can still see everything and thanks to the non-reflective display I can also see what I\’m doing and not just myself.
The only criticism of the laptop so far: the keyboard layout. Here I am used to various buttons in other places as before, but I am also thinking about that I will get used to it. For the registration there is also another 3 months warranty extension and a software package worth $ 400 and I know that from not my old laptop. So far an absolutely successful product and a clear purchase recommendation.
I bought this MSI GE73 7RD-004 6 months ago. I have no idea about laptops and have therefore decided on this one based on reviews and a few technical key data. He mostly uses it for evening WoW game rounds and is very happy with everything. So 5 stars from a technician. A 5 stars, everything was fine, the device fully meets my requirements, powerful, optically very good impression, and above all optimally set up, I was able to start immediately without any preparatory work. Everything was prepared. The MSI GE73 7RD-004 was perfect and even arrived a day earlier than advertised.

MSI GE73 7RD Raider Driver Download:

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