MSI GE63VR 7RF Raider Driver for Windows

MSI GE63VR 7RF-039 Raider Windows Driver 64-bit Download. Nothing needs to be said about the MSI GE63VR hardware equipment: TOP. About the software that comes with the thing: what do you expect? Bloat! -> 1. Make flat, 2. Install Grub + Windows + Linux, 3. Reinstall drivers from component manufacturer sites (ie NOT from MSI itself), 4. What more do you want? (although I would like to have a stand-along AND OPEN-SOURCE program to adjust the colors of the keyboard; if someone knows something: Hit me up!)

MSI GE63VR 7RF Raider Driver Download

But now the reason why the thing has only earned 1 star despite my seeming satisfaction so far (Without the top equipment that would have been 0.2 stars):
Processing = 5/10:
– The hinges of the screen are held by approx. 2 cm long metal hinges on the lower plastic frame WITH ONLY ONE SINGLE SCREW PER SIDE! Now that this screw has broken off on my right side, the power cable is the only thing that still connects the lower part of the housing to the rest of the device on the right corner. Granted, this is not the first time that I have had this problem with a device, but MSI GE63VR is the first time that a laptop that I bought 1 year ago is so different that it feels like it is 3 years already.
– The ventilation slots on the underside are only for decoration and further ruin the already miserable structural integrity of the box
– In some places I now have cracks that go from the edge of the housing to the ventilation slots, which effectively span half the width of the weight
– The surrounding housing has around the one point where the lower plate is screwed in the middle started breaking on me and pushing inward. This has been the case for a while now, and I hope that it won\’t damage the electronics at some point (which in my opinion is as-as-so much too exposed through these huge slits)
– The screws with which the thing is held together were not screwed properly for the longest time, which is why I even lost one before I noticed it. But do NOT get the idea of ​​tightening them now. Because the screws are held in place by small metal nuts that are held in place by plastic molds which are NOT PART OF THE CASTED HOUSING, but seem to be only stuck on. In other words, when I tightened it by hand, it held in place for the first time, but now the housing was apparently under too much pressure, so that after a while the glued-on screw holders fell off (fortunately for me that only applies to the 2 screws happening in the middle at the front, that means with the screws that apparently never held anything?). Anyway:
Ergonomics = 8/10:
– Despite the weight (which was a decisive reason for buying this for me), the laptop is not designed for use on my laptop
– Am rear edge was a sharp plastic point in the middle that has bored nicely into my knee when I wanted to lie down with the thing on the sofa.
-> took sandpaper, and after about 15 minutes I was able to fix what was apparently never taken into account at MSI.
– The layout of the keyboard must have been developed by one (or more) monkeys:
– # \’is ABOVE Enter (And to this day I still hit the key when I actually only wanted to press Enter; so many google searches that end in # if I just wanted to confirm the search ..
– | is to the right of the empty key instead of the left shift key (which is why the left shift key is even larger than enter ??)
– The Pos1 and End keys require that you press Fn. Then again, there was enough space for a numpad (nothing against the numpad; I think that\’s good!), And \’pause\’ and \’scroll\’ are separate keys (although I\’ve never been in a situation where I only needed one of the two keys, or somehow could use).
– Tip: Windows has regedit entries with which you can change key assignments, and Linux is Linux, so of course you can also mess around with it on the page!
– But the creators of the BIOS must have already noticed all of this, but at that point MSI was probably not in the mood to design something better, and instead packed a few (but not nearly enough) options in the BIOS around the terrible keyboard layout (to some extent) to fix (so no hassle about the Fn and Win keys, because they can be exchanged with each other)
Conclusion & tips:
– The MSI GE63VR is not recommended as a laptop (or to be used smartly)! You can’t sit comfortably on your laptop (without wearing steel pants, or (in my experience) making a modification of the case that is not dangerous)
– Every time you open / close the laptop you should hold the bottom of the case with the top (where the keyboard is, near the power cord plug) to minimize the pressure on the ONE SCREW of the hinge brackets
– only buy if you do not plan to use the thing regularly as a laptop (again English for ON YOUR LAPTOP), but just leave it on a table (in which case I would recommend buying a better tower for the same price)

MSI GE63VR 7RF Driver Download for Windows 64-bit:

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