Logitech MK345 Driver and Software For Windows & Mac

Download Logitech MK345 Driver and Software For Windows & Mac OS. I just unpacked and connected the Logitech MK345 keyboard. Half a year ago I tried 5 different ergonomic wireless keyboards from Logitech, Microsoft and another company. Nobody convinced me, the best was the Sculpt by MS. But not all key presses came through the radio.

Logitech MK345 Driver Installer

The first Logitech MK345 impression I have right now is very good. Although the keyboard has a relatively short stroke, similar to notebook keyboards, it has a clearly defined pressure point and a quiet click. Both together give very good feedback. At the moment I don\’t hit all the keys as I want, but for the first try it\’s pretty good. It was clear to me that it would take some getting used to.

At the moment I have a wired Cherry with mechanical buttons. Crisp pressure point, relatively long travel but quite loud. The Logitech is much quieter but I can easily hear it right in front of it. I also think the two-part space key is very good, because in the tests six months ago with continuous space keys, the space was often swallowed if the key was not released fairly centrally.

This is solved much better here. The palm rest feels very comfortable, soft but not spongy, smooth but not slippery. But it has already warmed up slightly, a long-term test must show whether it doesn\’t get too warm in the long run. Up to now two letters have not been triggered or have not come through the radio Once an e once an r. But of course it can be down to me at the moment.

I notice that it happens when I don\’t hit the keys completely clean, but I didn\’t notice the two times. But doesn\’t have to mean that it wasn\’t like that. Let\’s see. Even with this first test I get used to typing better and better (write blindly) and have to say that this Logitech MK345 keyboard is much better for me than the other 5.

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Hm, much steeper, but it doesn\’t feel bad in the wrists. But the change is a bit bigger, I have the feeling that the ways are getting wider and I have to move my fingers more. The wrists remain in place. I\’m not the tallest at 174cm, so I don\’t think the keyboard will be too big for most people. The \”normal Cherry\” is right above this keyboard. Overall, the two are almost exactly the same width, but the Logitech letter field is about a thumb\’s width wider.

Logitech MK345 Software Download

This seems logical because of the \”hole\” in the middle, i.e. where there are no buttons in the division. I suspect, without measuring exactly, that the distances on the Logitech may even be slightly smaller. I can easily reach the backspace key with a twist of the wrist without having to raise my hand. But at the moment I hardly make any mistakes, so I have to go there less and less (of course, while I was writing the last sentence then again 4x). The left shift key sits perfectly for me, and I hardly ever use the right one anyway.

OK, first conclusion. The writing is great. Even in the medium high position. Shift to the very high. Phew, That\’s high! But it can still be written in a similar way. I just have to put the desk chair a little higher, otherwise I think it\’s too high for me. Hmm, now my elbows are in the air. Not a good idea. Back again. No, my arms are too short for that, but I can imagine for people from 185 or 190cm.

Back to middle! Yes, middle is perfect, I put it very low again for a moment. Then maybe this is for even shorter arms? So when it comes to writing, it\’s really good. The ergonomics also convinced me at first. Three different heights? Top! Wrist rest tight on? I think it\’s great, nothing rattles there. The material has not warmed up any further. Could be interesting in summer anyway.

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What bothers me at 120 € is that the letters are not laser in but, as far as I can tell, are printed on. At least they\’re not cheap stickers, if I hold them up to the light you can\’t see them shimmering. But with my mechanical Cherry, the letters are properly milled and then the color is brought into the depressions. Nothing can wear out there. I would throw up and if the color came off here after three years.

So I\’ll definitely give the keyboard a chance. Writing is really easy for me. For the next 2-3 days I look to see if I discover any other disadvantages, but I\’m not really interested in the function keys, it\’s better to have them and not need them than the other way around. Of course I have to download and install the Logitech MK345 driver first before I test it, but now I\’m going to bed.

Logitech MK345 Driver Download:

Logitech MK345 Driver and Software Download For Mac:

Logitech Options

Software Version: 8.10.64 – OS: macOS 10.15,macOS 10.14,macOS 10.13

File Size: 83 MB – Download Link

Logitech MK345 Driver and Software Download For Windows:

Logitech Options

Software Version: 8.10.154 – OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

File Size: 195 MB – Download Link


Software Version: 6.69.126 – OS: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 10

File Size: 80.2 MB – Download 32-bit

File Size: 82.6 MB – Download 64-bit

Smart Installer

Software Version: 6.69.126 – OS: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 10

File Size: 4.19 MB – Download Smart Installer

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