Logitech LX3 Driver Windows & Mac

Logitech LX3 Driver and Software Download For Windows And Mac. I have been using my old Logitech LX3 for about 8 to 10 hours a day for years and I was completely satisfied with it. The weak point of the mouse is not the technology, but the glued-on feet, which came off my mouse and made the device unusable (the screws are also under the feet).

Logitech LX3 Driver Download

Gluing the feet on again did not solve the problem. So a new one had to be found that will hopefully be with me for years to come. What makes the mouse so special and indispensable for me are the buttons on the side, which enable you to click back and forth through the pages at lightning speed.

I would never want to be without this advantage again, especially when shopping online. Another Logitech LX3 advantage is the very long cable, approx. 1.8 m, so that the mouse can also be easily connected to the back of the PC.

The Logitech LX3 mouse lies wonderfully in the hand because it has the optimal dimensions for me: length: 124 mm / width at the front 50 mm / width at the back 65 mm, height: 36 mm. The scroll wheel reacts very well to even low pressure.

Logitech LX3 Advantages as an overview:

  • Ultra-fast
  • scrolling Laser precision with 1000 dpi
  • Soft side surfaces and a natural design
  • Forward and back buttons
  • Plug & Play USB, so that it can be used immediately
  • Suitable for right-handers After

Logitech LX3 Driver Software Download

So years of commissioning I have not been able to discover decisive disadvantages. I can recommend the mouse with a clear conscience and will buy it again if the current one can no longer provide its usual performance after years. If you liked the rating, I would be happy to receive positive feedback.

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Overall, it is extremely comfortable to hold, especially for this price, has a very good weight, which is also important when pushing around. The Logitech LX3 keys themselves are good and respond perfectly.

But the scroll wheel. Somehow it is supposed to combine different applications, at least it seems that you press lightly to the left and then scroll differently than when you press slightly to the right (so that you don\’t scroll past things, so both accuracy and speed).

With my bike, however, this has the consequence that it just keeps getting stuck and I have to hook my fingernail in to get the bike moving, and then it goes tough at first. A disappointment for the price, especially because the scrolling is also quite loud. Conclusion: good for mousepad, there is better for frequent scrollers. Therefore four stars.

Logitech LX3 Driver Download:

Logitech LX3 Driver and Software For Mac:

Logitech Control Center

Software Version: 3.9.11 – OS: macOS 10.15,macOS 10.14,macOS 10.13

File Size: 21.6 MB – Download Link

Logitech LX3 Driver and Software For Windows:


Software Version: 6.69.126 – OS: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 10

File Size: 80.2 MB – Download 32-bit

File Size: 82.6 MB – Download 64-bit

Smart Installer

Software Version: 6.69.126 – OS: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 10

File Size: 4.19 MB – Download Smart Installer

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