Logitech G3 Driver Windows 10

Logitech G3 Laser Driver and Software Download For Windows 10. At first I had read all tests about mice on the net from gamer to normal. I’m not a gamer but a PC user who does a lot in the field of drawing. I also work a lot and often on the PC, be it in the office area or just setting up a new PC system.

Logitech G3 Driver Download

I made a conscious decision to use a cable mouse (I find it more reliable and you don\’t need batteries or have to charge them). It should also be one that works on almost all surfaces and high resolution because of the precision when drawing. So it became this Logitech G3!

Logitech G3 Advantages and positives:

  • Lies comfortably in the hand and feels high quality
  • It has many buttons (top 2, middle 1 and on the side 2)
  • With the scroll wheel which either “rattles” gently or if you press the button behind the wheel without “rattling”

Logitech G3 Neutral:

  • The buttons on the side could interfere depending on the position of the hand (but you can also deactivate the buttons)

Logitech G3 Disadvantage:

  • I don’t know any!

Anyone who does not belong to the gamer group as I see as a \”normal user\” and is fed up with giving the mouse a charging break or feeding it with batteries, a good mouse with precise movement and that should work on many surfaces buy this Logitech G3!

Logitech G3 Software Download

This Logitech G3 mouse was purchased as a replacement for my old Logitech MX500, which unfortunately finally gave up the ghost after almost 10 years and could no longer be repaired (faulty contacts, broken cable and sometimes not working mouse wheel).

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I use this mouse 8-9 hours a day and it does a good job. I really liked the toggle switch for the mouse wheel. Either it scrolls through the content continuously or just bit by bit. The keys are good and have a comfortable pressure point, and the clicking sound is perfect for me.

The writing on the mouse has unfortunately been loosened a bit and you can only read the “Logi” from “logitech”. But this is probably the case with pretty much all mice and not really a point of criticism for me. What is important to me is the function of the mouse and not its appearance.

The laser also works well for me on different surfaces and the mouse pointer doesn\’t bounce back and forth weird, as it might with a cheap model. I am very satisfied in the office area (Softmaker Office), the Internet and in the graphics area (Cinema 4D and Photoshop).

At least I have nothing negative to complain about when playing, but I don\’t trust myself to judge whether it is also suitable for frequent players. At least strategy games, adventure games and an older shooter (Star Trek Voyager Eliteforce 1) didn’t cause any problems.

The mouse works fine for me under Windows 10 and Ubuntu Budgie. No driver software had to be installed under either operating system, although it can be useful if you want to assign the keys differently. Logitech G3 overall a very good product and an okay replacement for the MX500.

Logitech G3 Driver Download:

Logitech G3 Laser Driver and Software For Windows:


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Software Version: 6.69.126 – OS: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 10

File Size: 80.2 MB – Download 32-bit

File Size: 82.6 MB – Download 64-bit

Smart Installer

Software Version: 6.69.126 – OS: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 10

File Size: 4.19 MB – Download Smart Installer

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