Ledger Nano S Software & Drivers Download

Download Driver Ledger Nano S Software Crypto Hardware Wallet. Usually, the so-called seed is a very long string (combination of numbers and letters) that you have to note down, save, or something else. This seed is required to access its “section” in the Tangle (meshed network of the cryptocurrency). In the case of the ledger, this is saved directly on the device and stored securely. It never leaves the device, is protected from attacks and manipulation, and is also unknown to the owner. That is exactly the security mechanism that you want.

In the case of the hack in early 2020, a number of seeds were stolen and customers’ wallets were emptied. This has not happened to those who use a ledger. They were not affected by the attack.

Ledger Nano S Driver Download

Ledger Nano S Installation and use: The installation was simple. I have already used the Ledger and OS X, as well as Windows.

You often have to confirm an entry and note down the 24-word rescue code and, ideally, lock it in the safe. These words are there to restore the ledger or seed, i.e. if you lose the ledger, this is not a problem as long as you have saved the order of the 24 words. These should be kept SECURE, however, because whoever has these words in order can virtually clone Ledger and empty the account. But here every one is required to guarantee this security.

As soon as you have configured the ledger you can set up your wallet via the Trinity app (must be downloaded) and start the transactions. A compliment to the app at this point. This is very intuitive and also suitable for beginners.

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Brief information at this point: If you want to deal intensively with cryptocurrencies, the terms above should already tell you something, and you should also be aware of the topic of security.

Transactions (brief note): It is currently not possible to buy IOTA at face value, except in some areas in the USA. You always have to take the step of buying Bitcoin, exchanging it for IOTA, and then transferring it to the ledger. Since the complete explanation would go beyond the scope of this topic, you should take a look at a suitable tutorial, a little initiative is essential with this topic, as it is very complex. You don’t do this “on the side”.

Final words: The Ledger Nano S is not only worthwhile for IOTA, but I can’t say anything about the other functionalities. However, you have to install a different “app” on the ledger for each cryptocurrency.

Anyone who has dealt intensively with IOTA must decide for themselves whether they believe in the technology and the project or not. I am still doing it and I am confident that it can bring benefits for Industry 4.0. When this happens, however, is still in the stars. In general, with cryptocurrencies you don’t become a millionaire overnight, it is an investment over years and a little bit of luck is also part of it.

However, there is no better entry point than currently (March 2020, price is at a clear low due to Corona). To all investors: have fun and good luck!

Ledger Nano S Software Download

Ledger Nano S Linux Installer

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Ledger Nano S Mac Installer

Ledger Nano S Windows Installer

Ledger Nano S App Download

Ledger Nano S App Store iOS
Ledger Nano S Android APP

*Beware of fake Ledger Live applications. If the links are not working or you are doubt to using the software from this page. You can download the application from this Ledger official page.

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