Kodak PixPro SPZ1 Firmware Download

Kodak PixPro SPZ1 Drivers Download. Solid value here! I purchased this for a trip to Universal and Wet n Wild this summer. I really wanted a GoPro but just couldn\’t swing the extra cost. I took a chance with Kodak and I am so happy I did. First off, I am a part time, but professional photographer so my expectations are very high when reviewing camera gear. IT DOES NOT WORK WITH 64gb CARDS! Buy a 32gb card with it. It does not come with a card. The good: Long battery life. I brought a charger with me to the parks and never used it.


Kodak PixPro SPZ1 Firmware Update

We recorded up to 3 hrs each day and never used more than half battery. Great picture with both lenses. It also transitioned very quickly for a back lit subject to underwater so the auto exposure and white balance worked great out of the box. It has a video view screen on the side. You can actually watch your videos as you record, but that will effect battery life.

It comes on automatically but goes to sleep so you don\’t drain it too fast. And it is freaking durable! I put quite a bit of abuse on it at the water parks and it never skipped a beat. This includes 90 minutes bouncing around at the bottom of one of the ride pools when it popped off my mount. (not the camera’s fault).

Camera Firmware Kodak PixPro SPZ1 Download

The video continued to run for the full 90 minutes! It records the clips in aprox 25 minute segments. To address some of the other questions I read, It will not auto shut off recording as was mentioned in the answers. It will record a full clip and then start another if left on with a strong battery.

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The bad: It’s heavy for an action cam. Can\’t be helped if the durability and view screen are as good as they are. While a negative, I wouldn\’t sacrifice those features for less weight. Also, low light sucks. No camera like this will excel in low light so this was expected. And I never got the iPhone app to work but it didn\’t matter. I do all editing on my lap top anyway.

I don\’t blame Kodak for that because I didn\’t put much effort in to it at all. You can see a bunch of my videos on the video streaming app that starts with you. Search for exercise houston. If the video looks fuzzy, click the settings wheel on the video and change to HD. Be sure to click thumbs up if the video helped you!

Something to pay attention to is the sky in the videos. Notice the contrast at how blue the sky is and white the clouds are. That is in the auto white balance settings. Don\’t touch it! It works perfect on this camera. I highly recommend it. Photos show my wrist mount set up from Neomark.

Kodak PixPro SPZ1 Firmware Version 1.01 (Improve Stabilization)

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