How to Update Firmware on Nikon DSLR

One of the areas in the camera that rarely ever receives touched, is the digital camera software, additionally known as “firmware”. Most current digital devices offer the capacity to update their firmware through downloading fixes and updates thru producers’ websites and making use of the ones updates at the devices. The firmware updates not most effective offer vital fixes for recognized insects, but also provide today\’s functions that have been absent while the device changed into shipped from the producer. This capability in an effort to replace and run the cutting-edge model of firmware has end up a widespread amongst DLSR manufacturers, permitting stop customers to run the ultra-modern and best firmware on their cameras.
If you have got in no way updated firmware to your Nikon DSLR or have now not achieved an replace for a long time, you might want to test if new firmware is to be had for your camera. Some photographers argue that they do now not feel the need to the touch digital camera firmware, given that they do now not have any problems with their cameras and the whole thing seems to be functioning well. I in my opinion sense otherwise why not to run the present day and greatest digital camera software program? And why might you face up to including greater functions on your digicam, in particular if those functions are available to you at no fee? If you believe me, then you should test what firmware you are strolling today and what firmware is presently to be had from Nikon.
In a few cases, it\’s miles fine to watch for at least 2-3 weeks after a modern-day firmware replace is released, to ensure that it does now not come with unexpected insects and problems. Although Nikon has a superb history and popularity with regards to firmware releases, it does no longer always mean that horrific things gained’t show up in the future.

1) Check current Firmware Version

Checking the firmware version on Nikon DSLR is very easy simply press the “Menu” button, the visit “Firmware Version” beneath “Setup”. You must see some thing like this:

Write down the C and L version numbers (on a few cameras there could be A and B instead of C). The first wide variety (C) represents camera firmware model, while the second variety (L) represents lens firmware version (for numerous in-digicam lens corrections). In the above instance, the versions are 1.00 for the camera and a couple of.0.5 for the lens.
It is pretty clear that I am a chunk in the back of in firmware, so it is a good time to upgrade. My camera firmware will move from version 1.00 to model 1.12, whereas the lens firmware could be upgraded from model 2.1/2 to 2.1/2. It is suggested to periodically update firmware, as it resolves a number of issues, so if the numbers you wrote down formerly appearance specific than those provided on Nikon’s website, it might be an awesome time to replace.
If you want to peer the listing of fixes and new features the new firmware gives, surely click the “View down load web page” hyperlink and you may be taken to a download and practise web page. In my case, the listing of changes are too many to list, but I propose which you evaluate those modifications and spot if they may be well worth moving as much as. In maximum instances, it is a great idea to improve to the latest and greatest firmware, but in a few cases, you would possibly locate that sure matters may not feature as they used to before. This is specially actual for 0.33 party battery grips and batteries that might malfunction after a firmware update. Before you decide to replace, I could make certain that the present day firmware release is at the least three months old, just to be secure. If there\’s a chief trouble with firmware, other photographers will truely bitch and a few firmware releases would possibly even get recalled. You do no longer want to chance probably de-stabilizing your digicam by way of installing the brand new firmware. Keep in mind that any software program launch may be buggy, so being a bit affected person does no longer harm in this case.

2) Upgrade Camera Firmware

Before you start the improve system, make certain that your digicam battery is fully charged. You do not need your digital camera to show off during the procedure of flashing the new firmware, or it could make your camera inoperable.
Once you down load each digital camera and lens firmware documents, it\’s time to position them on your memory card. But first, you have to double click at the files and have your device extract them. After the extraction turned into whole on my PC, I ended up with folders: D810Update, which contained the camera firmware report referred to as “D810_0112.BIN” and DCDATAUpdate, which contained the lens firmware file referred to as “NKLD0215.BIN”.
What you want to do from here, is reproduction the digital camera firmware update to the reminiscence card first, seeing that you will want to apply those updates one by one. Go into the newly created digital camera folder and duplicate the digicam firmware immediately into the basis folder of your reminiscence card. Don’t reproduction the folder only the documents! Here is what the reminiscence card must appear to be after the file is copied:

Now eject the reminiscence card out of your laptop, insert it into your digital camera and go to Menu -> Setup Menu -> Firmware version (that\’s normally the very last menu alternative below “Setup Menu”). You should see something like this:

As you may see, there\’s now an option that says “Update”. Scroll all the way down to it and press OK, and then you will see a warning:

Move up to pick out “Yes”, then press OK. The firmware update technique will begin. During the improve procedure, you will see something like this:
Warning!. Do not flip digicam off at some point of update. Update will take several mins.
As it\’s miles asking you, do now not flip the digital camera off at some point of the update or dispose of its battery. In truth, best not to even touch it all through this procedure.
Once the firmware replace is finished, you will see the subsequent message:
Update finished.
Turn digicam off.
As advised, flip the camera off. Turn it lower back on and now you should be on the today\’s firmware. Revisit the Firmware Version menu from the Setup Menu and also you must see some thing like this:

Success!. The today\’s camera firmware has been up to date. Now it is time to replace the lens firmware.

3) Upgrade Lens Firmware

Now it is time to replace the lens firmware. Take the memory card from your digicam, insert it again into your laptop, then start off with the aid of deleting the digicam firmware document, which in my case is the “D810_0112.BIN”. Now visit the second folder in which the lens firmware is living and replica the document into the basis folder, similar to you did in advance. After the replica procedure is whole, eject the memory card and insert it into your digicam. Go lower back exactly where you have been beneath Menu -> Setup Menu -> Firmware model. You ought to again see exactly the same window as in advance:

Select the “Update” button and press OK. You should see the subsequent message:

Again, choose “Yes” and press “OK”. The lens replace manner ought to complete a whole lot quicker compared to the camera update method. Once it is carried out and the equal “Update completed. Turn camera off.” message shows up, flip the digicam off. Turn it lower back on and revisit the Firmware version menu again.
If the entirety went well, which it commonly need to, you have to see something like this:

As you can see, each digital camera firmware version 1.12 and lens model 2.015 are seen, which means that that the method is finished.
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