How to choose your printer?

Choosing the right printer. Today, the printer is probably the most important device in the office after the computer whether for private or business use. At a time when new technologies are becoming increasingly important in our daily lives, the choice of a printer meets several criteria including the proposed technology, the end use and the little extras. So how to choose your printer?

Laser or inkjet printer?

When choosing your printer, the proposed technology is important. Currently,  inkjet printers are the majority of the models produced and the figures are around 15 million models delivered worldwide. However, they are very advantageous models in that they are as well suited to black and white and color printing. In addition, most models sold are multifunctional and serve as photocopiers, scanners and printers, etc. For laser printers, they are certainly more expensive, but are very advantageous for use over time. Also, they guarantee us an optimal printing speed in addition to being silent.

Choose according to the use

When you are looking for a printer, you must first specify the end use that you will make. So, if you are looking for a printer for occasional use or for printing an administrative document from time to time, the inkjet model is the most recommended. If, on the other hand, you opt for intensive use in private or professional settings, the laser printer is the most recommended.
When choosing your printer, small details can make the difference. In this sense you can expand your requirements and look for models that offer you an integrated memory card reader, automatic duplex function, CD or DVD printing, touch screen, and more. So this is how you find the printer that will fill you and your computer.
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