How Do I Install WordPress On Hosting

How do I install WordPress on localhost or hosting? Now I will discuss how to install WordPress on hosting. Well, to do all of this, you must have a domain and your own hosting. It means you already have a new domain and hosting you want to use for your new website.
There are many application to manage hosting. There are a variety of applications, but according to my knowledge the most widely used is the cPanel. There are also others, such as Kloxo, Plesk and others. To create a website hosted on WordPress itself is actually easy. If you are already familiar with hosting you only need half an hour to set up your website to online, even less.
This process will be very helpful for those who did not have much time to deal with the trappings per-website\’s. For that, I will use the help of an auto installer application which can install multiple web applications in only one minutes. The good news, this software auto installer has also been found in cPanel.
Some applications auto installer is quite popular among others:
Fantastico de Luxe
But today I will discuss the installation using Fantastico De Luxe. The important thing you should to understand the critical elements in creating WordPress websites, namely during charging such as:
name database
Email (active use)
name admin
The domain name that will be used

How to Install WordPress On Hosting Using Fantastico De Luxe
1). Log to your cPanel, by typing or on your browser. Then enter your cPanel Hosting username and password that has been given by your Hosting Provider. Usually information about the username and password to log into cPanel is present on \”Email Hosting Account Activation Information\”, so if you feel doubt, just open your email.
how to install wordpress
2). Still in cPanel admin page, navigate your cursor to Software column, and just click on the application icon, called Fantastico De Luxe.
how to install wordpress
3). Find WordPress installer on the list and then click to new application installation.
how to install wordpress
4). After the form WordPress installation page open, you only need to fill data that is required to install WordPress ( see picture below ). Then click \”install WordPress\”.
(Tip: fIf you just starting out, it\’s better just let empty the \”Install in directory\”)
Install WordPress On Hosting
5). Then WordPress installation confirmation page will appears, click finish installation.
Install WordPress On Hosting
6). Now your WordPress via Fantastico installation process is finished and already to use.
Install WordPress On Hosting
After all you can access your admin dashboard page of your site just by typing the domain address in your internet browser, you only need to add the following parameters behind the domain address: / wp-admin
Example =
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