How Do I Install VNC Server On Ubuntu Via VPS

VNC is a remote desktop system, you can use VNC protocol to access a remote system with GUI (Graphical User Interface). Let\’s admit it, I am not a Command Line Interface (CLI) expert. Yes, with the GUI you can access your remote system more quickly, but for some people the GUI is preferred because there are some things faster than CLI console. Here\’s how I done it, how to install VNC Server on Ubuntu VPS, Okay Open your terminal then;
1. Update Your System
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
If your VPS installed in only terminal mode, you need to install the GUI version first.
sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop

sudo aptitude install –no-install-recommends ubuntu-desktop

2. Install TightVNCServer
sudo apt-get install tightvncserver

3. Start the VNC Server Config For Early Initiation
sudo tightvncserver: 1

Later you will be prompted for a password to login to the VNC server.
Purpose: 1 above is for pointing port used VNC server, base port for VNC is 5900. So if you want to use the default port (5901) you can use: 1 or: 5901, if you wanted to use port number 2 you can use: 2 or: 5902, and so on.
4. Configuration Settings
* (You can skip this step, this is only optional because most of the default settings are already working well and can directly skip to step 6)
First turn off VNC service first:
sudo tightvncserver -kill: 1
Then edit xstartup file:
sudo nano ~ / .vnc / xstartup

AYou can edit the config file in accordance with what you want, maybe something like this below.
#! / bin / shxrdb $ HOME / .Xresources
-Solid xsetroot gray
x-terminal-emulator -geometry 80×24 + 10 + 10 ls -title \”$ VNCDESKTOP Desktop\” &
# X-window-manager &

Thent save and exit (ctrl + x, select yes and press enter)
5. Start VNC Server Back
sudo tightvncserver -geometry 1024×768: 1
-geometry just an add-on, you can add the command to configure the resolution of VNC Server. The numbers can be changed and customized depending to your needs.
6. Connect
To make the connection, you first need a VNC client. My favorite is UltraVNC Viewer. UltraVNC is flexible enough to use, because you can setup your settings according to bandwidth you have. For example, if you are on a modem network speed is fast enough, you can select Quick Settings Ultra or LAN, where the picture quality is good. But if you only have not so fast bandwidth, medium or modem option would do the work.
I Install VNC Server On Ubuntu Via VPS
To connect to it, you just fill out your server\’s IP and port are active. Example: 107.170.xx.xx: 1
And, it\’s done. Easy right?
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