Havit Wired Gaming Full Download, Mouse, Headset, Keyboard Drivers for Windows and Manual

Havit Gaming Mouse, Headset, Keyboard Drivers and Manual Download. This keyboard exceeded all my expectations and the mouse too. I am always skeptical while buying Chinese products. And I was while buying this too. I recently assembled a workstation cum gaming pc and needed a keyboard and mouse combo. I already own a Logitech 402 gaming mouse but I need one for my laptop too.

Havit Gaming Drivers

I was running low on money and mechanical keyboards were not even an option. I came across this keyboard and visually it looked good and had some good positive reviews. I thought ill give it a try and God I\’m surprised. I played witcher 3 and regularly play DotA 2 and CSGo. It felt really good using this keyboard and mouse for gaming and also did a lot of typing while making a project report. I was surprised how well the keyboard handled both gaming and typing.

I will definitely suggest this and happy to own one. Since I write a lot on the PC and like to play games in the evening, I absolutely needed a keyboard that you can see something on. So I looked for a glowing keyboard and found it here, which even includes a mouse. I ordered it on September 21st and it arrived punctually on September 26th. I saw this high quality packaging straight out of the box. I really felt like I had ordered an overpriced set. Further unpacked and directly connected.

Havit Gaming Keyboard

I am so proud of this keyboard, it glows in these colors as you can see in the picture, but this cannot be changed. So it can’t shine in one color, but that’s not bad at all as it looks a lot better in my opinion. There are four different lighting modes: \”Off\”, \”Normal\”, \”More luminous\”, and \”Breathing\”. I think I use the breathing modes the most because the keyboard “flashes” softly which looks damn good and impresses others.

Havit Gaming Mouse

The mouse has a wonderful design and constantly changes its colors by itself. It has four different DPI modes that can be really useful for gamers. For Office etc. I normally use 1600 DPI. When I play Overwatch I use 800 DPI, as this is much more suitable for a sniper, as the mouse movements are slower there. So the old mouse has said goodbye here too.

Havit Gaming Conclusion

Together I find this a tempting package where you can get what I think is a high quality set for little money. The packaging looks great and won\’t end up in the trash. The keyboard does what it should and shines brightly enough to be able to write or play in the dark. The mouse has found space on the desk thanks to the different DPI numbers and lights up in different colors, the design of the mouse also makes it even more valuable. All in all, I can only recommend the set. For people who use it in everyday life, who are often at the PC in the evening and thus make the desk more beautiful, but also for gamers who want a cool keyboard and mouse to be able to show off to friends and generally want to have a better feeling.

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