Garmin Virb Ultra 30 Firmware Download

Garmin Virb Ultra 30 Drivers Download. Clearly, Garmin relies on its tracking capabilities, which gives the product cascade a new perspective. Garmin has become a serious challenger to GoPro. Above all, the ability to collect data through G-Metrix and incorporate them into the movies is a cool feature. The battery can quickly quit power. The transfer to computer is done with an old mini USB cable, it is surprising that Garmin has not switched to micro USB or USB-C.

With the VIRB Ultra 30, Garmin has radically changed its design to its old top model, VIRB XE, and comes closer to GoPro\’s cameras. In terms of size, however, the difference is great because the VIRB Ultra 30 is both smaller and lighter. Unfortunately, it will change when you plug the camera into the enclosed housing, which is both needed to make it waterproof and to mount it somewhere.

As with the other cameras in the test, the biggest news is the ability to shoot video in 4K at 30 fps. You can record at 24 fps as well, but it is the smallest team in our opinion. The 4K recordings are incredibly good, especially if you shoot in bright light, you get both crisp and colorful images.


Action Cam Firmware Garmin Virb Ultra 30 Download

Another new feature of the VIRB 30 is voice recognition, which allows you to control the camera with simple voice commands. It works quite well, though you feel a little stupid when you walk around and talk with your camera in the middle of town. At the top of the piste, hardly anyone notice. The camera, of course, has built-in image stabilizer that smooths shaky recordings. Like GoPro, this is done digitally, which is a bit of a shame. True, in fairness, it should be added that it is quite effective and that the videos are getting seamless.

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Easy Navigation
screen on the back is of course touch sensitive and easy to find in the menus. But the screen could have been a bit bigger. You enter the menus by swiping from the four edges. From the bottom you have the main menu, from the top you get wifi, bluetooth and sensors, from left video and camera settings and from right pro settings if you have enabled them. It is worth noting that you can also use the touch screen when the camera is in the house, which has previously been a problem for some competitors.

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