Etekcity EB9380H Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale User Manual & Guide

Download Manual for Etekcity EB9380H Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale. Like others have already revealed here, I get a different result every time I step on the scales. Since I plan to lose weight reasonably, it is important to me to see exactly where my weight is.

Etekcity EB9380H Review

Personally I don\’t understand exactly what this scale weighs. I work with precision scales every day: I therefore pretend I know how to use a scale. Solid, even surface and always the same place. I always weigh myself in the morning.

Unfortunately, the scales just stood around for a long time, but for some time now I\’ve been weighing myself once a week. And I just climbed on it several times in a row because the big fluctuations bothered me and I weigh ___ kg one moment and 3 – 4 kg less the next. This is really not acceptable.

I could put up with 1 kg but up to 4 kg is too imprecise for me. I can have it weighed right away. It looks great and at the beginning it seemed to indicate the right one (presumably), but this way I can order a new one first. At my own expense, especially since it was unfortunately more than a year ago. For just testing whether you are an absolute heavyweight, that\’s enough.

Test Etekcity EB9380H Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale

After the exchange, the second device was broken, just like the first, after exactly 3 days. Suddenly, as a full-grown man, I only weigh a few 20 kg, no measurement is like the second. So both devices broke after 3 days.

I am deeply disappointed and annoyed about the effort that went into it. Absolutely no buy recommendation. I am very disappointed, I have ordered two times. The scale is very imprecise, it changes numbers in a few seconds. Since I weigh myself regularly due to my sporting activities and this was only possible in the gym due to the lack of scales, I finally had to have my own scale. Preferably also one that looks great. After a short search I came across this. Price (paid € 24.99 – 08/2016) and reviews made me buy it.

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The Etekcity EB9380H Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale came with no damage. The first impression was very positive because the scale is very chic and well made. The surface is made of glass and the digital display glows blue.

The first positive surprise comes with the first weighing. You don\’t have to touch the scales to weigh yourself, you can stand directly on the scales and they\’ll get started. I also weighed myself on different surfaces to see whether the scales deviate here – everything is fine. Of course, no body fat, muscle mass etc. is displayed here, but I was aware of that and such a scale would also cost significantly more. For this I regularly do a body analysis in the gym, the weight there corresponds exactly to that of my scales. Therefore I am sure that she gives precise information.


Etekcity EB9380H Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale Conclusion:

The scale is really pretty and fully fulfills its purpose. Even after more than 2 1/2 years of use, it has no quirks and I haven\’t had to change batteries yet. Would order them again for me. Clear recommendation!

I think the scales are very good. It shows the weight exactly and has no fluctuations. Just stand on it to start. If you then go down, the weight remains a bit and the scales then switch off automatically. Because it is made of black glass, it also looks really stylish. Delivery was also super fast. So 5 stars!

Etekcity EB9380H Manual PDF Download

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