Dymo LabelWriter 450 Installer

Dymo LabelWriter 450 Software, Drivers. So far, I’ve been very satisfied with the LabelWriter 450. I can use it to print labels of all kinds, including postage stamps.

However, I have two criticisms of the Dymo LabelWriter 450:

  • – Point 1: The Dymo software is not the product. Could be done better.
  • – Point 2: The LabelWriter has no off switch. That means either you leave it on permanently or you have to pull the plug. For this, I simply built a small switch to bypass the problem.

Dymo LabelWriter 450 Driver Download

Inserting the labels can hardly be made any easier. It has never happened to us that we had any problems with it. Insert the roll, insert the start label into the slot, close the flap.

Easy installation on the computer:

We print in the office with Apple iMacs or Apple MacBooks and all you need to do is plug in the USB cable and start printing. No driver installation is required!

Robustness – also for commercial operation:

We sometimes print 4,000 labels in a row and that is done in less than 2 hours. The first label looks just as neat as the last; the printer gets lukewarm to the maximum; cleaning of the printer is not necessary. We’ve tried label printers from other manufacturers as well, but they’re not nearly as usable and robust as these Dymo printers. Our oldest Dymo label writer is around 4 years old, has printed hundreds of thousands of labels, and works like the first day.

Additional software from Dymo:

I have to start by saying that I am not a friend of these software packages, which come with all kinds of devices and are often just garbage. We have professional standards and a colleague showed me 3 years ago how well she can handle the enclosed software “Dymo Label” and I’ve been using it ever since. Label design is a breeze, even with barcodes, images, and different fonts. For example, we print product labels with an EAN barcode (which is actually called GTIN) and serial numbers and this is really easy with this software.

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I can only recommend this printer. These printers have convinced us in all disciplines and the next label printers will also be from Dymo again. We use the label printer almost every day because we use it to label our articles with an EAN code and it is great!

Dymo LabelWriter 450 Software Download

We print the article name and EAN code on the labels. We do not use the original labels but imitations that work well with the DYMO LabelWriter. The printer is fast and prints on the labels with heat, ie the labels come out of the printer and you can use them immediately because no color is used. Since the labels with thermal printing do not last forever because they fade over time, you should be aware of this if you are thinking of something long-term.

We also tried the printer with address addresses and logos, no problem at all, it prints everything. We load the graphic into Photoshop and save it as a PSD (i.e. Photoshop file itself) and can load the PSD file into the DYMO software without any problems and print it immediately, great! We, therefore, recommend the printer for all those who do their own labeling or who have many addresses to print.


Dymo LabelWriter 450 Driver & Downloads:

  1. DYMO Connect for Desktop v1.3.2, Windows®
  2. DYMO Label Software v8.7.5, Mac®
  3. LabelWriter 300, 400, 450 Series Print Drivers, Windows XP/Vista/7 (32bit) (.msi – 2.3MB)

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