Dymo LabelManager PnP Driver, Software, Review and Manual Download

Dymo LabelManager PnP Support, Driver, Software and Manual for Windows and Mac. Hello my visitors! Up to now we had a labeling device on which one had to enter the respective texts manually and individually. For our independence, we now have the requirement to print many labels with consecutive numbers from different number ranges.

Dymo LabelManager PnP Review

This Dymo LabelManager PnP seemed just right for me. The Dymo LabelManager PnP software installation was relatively easy, a separate printer driver is installed. I use the associated software for label printing. I imported an Excel file for the mass printout. In addition, I bought different colored ribbons for the different number ranges. I am quite a neat freak, and this device is the ideal support for this.
At first glance, the LM PnP works flawlessly. In contrast to another review, I can say that it works under Win10 and that there is also newer software available for download, which you can easily find via the software installed in the device. Contrary to the product description, there is no \”automatic tape cutter\”, but you can probably handle pressure on the cutter button. The typeface is very good too. If there are still problems, I will report back.
As previously stated, the packaging was damaged and was therefore offered at a discount. However, the printer itself was not damaged and works perfectly. In my opinion, the printer was never unpacked before, everything still looked originally packed. Since a defective box doesn’t bother me, I\’m very satisfied, like new in my opinion and a great thing thanks to the discount.

Dymo LabelManager PnP Positive Points

I have been using various Dymo devices for a long time. So far, the fiddly typing on the keyboard has always annoyed me. With the Labelmanager PNP this has come to an end, as I can finally design my labels on the PC keyboard.
The software is supplied directly on the device, as the label manager integrates itself as a drive and thus offers the software for Windows and MacOS.
Positive from my point of view:
+ real plug and play
+ no installation necessary
+ software included with the device
+ very attractive price
+ Dymo quality
I use the Dymo LabelManager PnP on a MAC. It works wonderfully, connect the USB plug, click on the folder and you can print labels. No software installation, no fiddling with an external power supply. Just as quick and easy to use as my old manual device, but more convenient.
In my opinion, Dymo has also improved the straps. In my last test about a year ago, the tapes stuck very poorly on some plastic surfaces and especially on flexible surfaces. After my first comparisons with the supplied tape on the problematic surfaces at the time, this is just as good as with the Brother tapes. In addition, the tape is now slit in the middle (like the Brother tapes for years), so removing the protective film from the back is now also very easy. Compared to comparable devices from Brother, I don\’t need an external power supply and there is also software for MAC.
Well, I\’ve been looking for a device like this for a long time, I\’m very satisfied with it, now I can label everything I want to label. Top quality, you can recommend it, you just have to try it out. After I sold the first device (the paper tapes from LetraTag do not defy the sunlight and fade) I now have this label manager. A top device for this price. Have nothing to complain about!

Conclusion: Dymo LabelManager PnP

I\’ve wanted a Dymo for a long time and I’m very satisfied. I have already labeled my entire workshop where what is in it. I can only recommend it to everyone who likes to tidy it up and wants everything in the right place.
Driver for iMac fetched directly from the homepage. Dymo LabelManager connected and off we went. I can\’t say anything about the battery yet. Time will bring that. But everything first makes a great impression. Printing labels with the Dymo LabelManager PnP is of course as easy as it is ingenious. Changing roles is also very easy. Practical: the device does not need an extra power socket (the batteries can be charged via USB). Top. Many Thanks!

Download Software, Driver and Manual for Dymo LabelManager PnP


User Manuals & Product Sheets
LabelManager PnP User Guide (.pdf – 1.4MB)
Drivers & Downloads

Make sure you install the software prior to connecting the printer to your computer using the USB cable provided. This allows the correct printer drivers to be installed the first time you connect the printer.

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