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Intel Graphics Driver Download: HD Graphics Core Processors 2nd / 3rd / 4th / 5th / 6th Gen

Intel Graphics
Intel Graphics

In PC Games Hardware you will always find the latest Intel graphics driver for HD Graphics cores of processors Core 2nd / 3rd / 4th / 5th / 6th Gen and information to download for older integrated graphics units of Intel and can update them.

With the fifth generation of Intel graphics processors led this one even with its processors. First inter lusted graphics units were installed in Clarkdake and Arrandale, who have made the use of a dedicated unit obsolete – at least unless one attaches importance to 3D performance. The integrated graphics units mentioned since the Intel HD Graphics come in almost all core processors from the second generation (Sandy Bridge) and sporadically in Xeon processors are used.

To date, the performance of the integrated graphics units has improved significantly, but still they can not replace a dedicated graphics unit, when it comes to playing. For pure 2D mode, they are more than adequate, and above all very economical. The know especially notebook users and office users will appreciate. For notebooks, there is even Optimus combinations that NVIDIA GPU with the pair of Intel.

The driver for Intel GPUs were from day one but a science in itself. Although the situation has improved since the first chipsets with iGPU (8xx), but still tends to Intel, equal to several drivers for various graphic units in circulation. In PC Games Hardware you will find the constantly updated drivers for the newer integrated graphics units. Older models, for example, on chipsets or Atom processors, please refer after selecting your device on the website of Intel.

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Since Intel speaks with the graphics drivers usually of core generations, we would like to give you at this point with a small table an overview that will help you choose the correct driver. A very detailed list of additional information can be found on Wikipedia.

Following you will find the graphics driver for Intel processors of the second to sixth generation, so for CPUs based on the Sandy Bridge architecture, Ivy Bridge and Haswell and Broadwell and Skylake. These are the model series HD Graphics and HD Graphics 2000 to 6000 as well as Iris Graphics.

Make sure that you download the correct driver for your model. If you do not know which CPU and GPU is installed in your system, you are using Microsoft Device Manager or better CPUZ and GPUZ to read the exact information. There are of course many other third-party software that provides such information. More downloads to Intel processors, AMD hardware and Nvidia graphics cards can be found in our download section, where many other drivers and software is ready. Chipset / PCH driver for Intel, including USB.

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