Download Utility Edimax IC-7001W IP Camera

Download Utility Edimax IC-7001W IP Camera. Watch homes and offices at low cost has become indispensable for users today. Manufacturers are aware of these and many already have in the market IP cameras that allow the user to configure a lot of aspects. Edimax has gradually become a reference when purchasing technology products for smart homes and would not be an exception in this segment. The Edimax IC-7001W is a comprehensive IP camera that offers the user a high demand function that is robotic. Although it may seem that this feature could gaining excess weight the final price, the reality is very different and for 70 euros (about) can acquire this IP camera.
Other features of this camera is that it can send images to the user\’s email or FTP server, with the origins of such a detection system very well calibrated movement and the user can configure through the web menu that possesses. Day and night at a maximum resolution of 640 × 420, without doubt, one good specifications for such an affordable price vision. And last but not least also has wireless N WiFi interface, allowing to place the camera anywhere where WiFi network of your router or access point is in range.
Download Utility Edimax IC-7001W IP Camera
Starting from the external analysis of the product, and be more specific in the box that contains it (packing) we are once again with a very descriptive box for the user. Many times we have repeated throughout the analysis process of creating user attraction of a product starts with the box containing it. Again Edimax box remains very descriptive for the user, besides having a very careful design. On the front we find the IP camera in question with two iOS devices, which already does the user see how the camera works and how you can manage remotely, something important because this functionality is why this type are acquired product. At the bottom of the front of the packaging we also find some important features which owns the camera: night vision, motion detection, plug & play and robotic head. On top of this we also find two mentions both the App Store and Play Store. And the application that allows the viewing of the IP camera remotely (EdiView) is available for both iOS and Android devices.
While on one side we find the rules that meets the power adapter (in our case the EU) on the other can meet all specifications and most remarkable features that owns the IP camera. With regard to the specifications we have to mention that the maximum viewing resolution is 640 × 480 at 30 fps and 355 ° rotating head spinning horizontally and 120 ° vertically. With respect to functions, it is noteworthy that the detection area can be multiple and have up to three detection zones with different sensitivity. Besides the PC devices or Mac computers can also be used to monitor the activity of the camera remotely.
Taking advantage we have talked about the camera functions have to recommend the best option for using the web configuration menu available to the camera is the Internet Explorer browser. With other browsers does work but there are features that are not available, such as reception of audio or use the microphone, or as the extension of the image re the IP camera.
With respect to the back of the box we find another very important thing if you end want from manufacturer you to purchase the product: uitlización examples. We can see that both monitor stays home, watch the activity of a pet or control what children are doing. Besides these three scenarios we allow ourselves the luxury of adding the possibility of its location in porches and watch the garden or entrance to the house, although it is true that it would have to keep the camera away rainwater. After talking about the packaging and everything related to the camera and its features and specifications now have to talk the rest of the contents of the box. Besides the Edimax IC-7001W we have a very short cable network. The reason for this is none other than using this for the first camera settings, ie to activate the WiFi, since the available wireless interface seems absurd to use a network cable, although it is true that there would not be any problem, but would have to purchase another much longer. Besides the network cable we find power adapter cable has a roughly five feet, a CD that has a utility to find the camera in the home network and configure it the first time and extra documentation in the form of manuals on the use of the camera. Also included is a mounting bracket for wall mounting with corresponding hooks and screws. Finally, along with the rest of content already mentioned has also added a brief tutorial where you can see schematically and in English what would be the process to install correctly IP Camera Edimax IC-7001W.
Focusing on the IP camera, the design is very clean and compact. The height of the device does not exceed 11 cm while the depth counting the antenna rises to almost 12 inches. Measures not prevent this camera can be placed anywhere in a home or abroad. By having access, the installation limit marks the length of the power cord. The rotating head can see the 8 LED infrared motion detector and microphone that allows to collect the sounds that occur around the camera. The antenna has in the back is not removable but it can be oriented in different positions, pudiéndola adapt to the position held by the camera in the installation.
The entire casing is plastic, even the bottom that has a metallic appearance is plastic. It is here where we find the vents that holds the camera. Simple and elegant for a camera that on paper looks good and can be considered as a team as complete for 70 euros design as similar cameras exceed 100 euros.
With respect to the performance test we opted to record a video and show you quickly how web configuration menu Ip Camera Edimax IC-7001W while observing how the viewing and movement of the robotic head. For manual installation and configuration you can go into space that manufacturer where you can find analyzes of other products and their manuals. After the test run you have seen showing the operation of the head and viewing images both under normal conditions and in low light, we just have to add that the web configuration menu has a little mistake with regard to its operation. And if you have not set well in the \”Wireless\” section of the menu is not displayed and enabled the wireless interface can be configured either as menus are empty and WiFi networks not find any result occurs. With the available implementation has been done without any problems, and we believe that is a point of failure in the firmware. This can be resolved by resetting the device without saving the values of the network settings.
By value we could say that we are facing one of the best cameras on the market, even though we have to put some buts. The inclusion of the robotic head is a wise and movement of this both from the same local network or from an external network is fast and accurate. Applications for both Android and iOS work well and do not suffer any slowdown. The firmware is very comprehensive and web configuration menu allows not only viewing images from the camera, but the configuration of other important aspects, such as notifications, motion detection or sending traps to a server FTP. The only thing we found on this camera is not including HD resolution, which is partly covered with the other benefits that owns the camera. We also noticed some abnormal operation and configuration menu at any given time might forget to completely reset the device configuration.
This firmware isn\’t compatible with older version, so please reset your network camera to factory default settings after you upgraded this firmware.
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