Download Software TENVIS HD IP Camera TH661-2016

TENVIS TH661 IP Camera Software Download. Before this purchase, I returned cameras of different brands impossible to use due to lack of record in French, complex and inefficient commissioning process, the impossibility of connection, impractical site registration, etc. In short, I tried the third purchase with this camera Tenvis. And, surprise! It works perfectly!
1) Delivered within one working day (without a premium subscription)
2) Elements contained in the box: camera, support, screws and wall plugs to install if necessary, Ethernet cable (with a
very clever and practical winding system ) electrical connection cable.
3) Detailed explanatory note in FRENCH and sketch describing the commissioning process.
4) Very easy, fast, and efficient startup process with Android: Connection with Ethernet cable for installation, (unplugged afterward) registration with login and password after downloading the application, very fast and simple.

TENVIS TH661 Software Download

Installed in 30 minutes max. the camera, small aesthetic, and discreet black ball work perfectly. The images transmitted on the smartphone are very readable, the audio function also. To see in the time, but for now, this device is completely satisfactory and corresponds to my expectations as much in its operation as in its value for money.
I had researched the issues of port opening and dynamic IP address but finally, there is no need for all that. The free apps provided by Tenvis (new Tenvis, Tenvis P2P) work very well. Very simple installation so, just:
– connect the camera to the box via an ethernet cable and the sector (the wifi is set after)
– download the app (I\’m on iPhone, iPad), then create a login/password.
– to install the purchased camera. For this, there is a function \”camera search\” that can automatically detect the cam connected to the box. It is also possible to enter the serial number of the camera or to scan the QR code of the camera (do not do that from the wifi of the neighbor eh … Otherwise it does not work.) The camera and iPhone / iPad must be connected on the same wifi for the configuration).
– Then fine-tune the camera (image quality, motion detection, sending email). Again this is done very easily with the menu setting (the small gear on the bottom right of the image of the cam)
And. It\’s over! It is possible, through this application, to access his camera from his wifi,
By installing the software on the PC, it is possible to more finely set the cam (detection areas on the image, custom message when sending an email, parafilm of the detection zones)
A good product so I think to buy another cam.

TENVIS HD IP Camera TH661 Software Downloads

Regarding the seller, despite the boondoggles when sending (not the right color + reconditioned product), he remained very pro and sent me another new cam quickly. So. I leave him the benefit of the doubt .. The mistake is human! I could quite order him another cam.
Good camera, good image quality, everything is set via the web interface. 50cm network cable provided and wall mounts with screws and dowels. Cd not useful I think everything is on the web. The software to find the cam on the network works badly for the wifi config because it blocks a certain number of characters. In fact, you have to enter the key in the web interface which is well done. Works very well in wifi but I\’m close to the box.
Works well in motion detection on FTP or notif on mobile. Vision in the dark very clear with IR led for lighting. The IR light can not be seen but we can see with the camera. The only downside the android app does not allow to set everything as the web interface but works well directly via the local network then directly in 3g / 4g, for audio impossible to talk and listen at the same time with the app, shame, maybe in an update. In English only but it\’s not complicated to understand.
Model – TH661-2016
TENVIS Search Tool(Windows) 2014/11/3 12.02MB exe
TENVIS Search Tool(MAC) 2014/11/3 4.45MB dmg
iOS App (iPhone, iPad&iPod)
iMegaCam (iOS) 2017/11/14 1KB *
Android App
iMegaCam 2018/3/20 6.14MB apk
User Manual
IP Camera indoorUser Manual(en&es) 2017/11/14 10.93MB pdf
IP Camera indoorUser Manual(fr&de&it) 2017/11/14 17.72MB pdf
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Disclaimer: Other than TENVIS application (i.e. NEW TENVIS), TENVIS will not be responsible for 3rd party software products.

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