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Personal cloud Software Download. The main function is remote access and it works perfectly. As usual, you can access the storage directly via Seagate\’s registration via the Internet, be it via Seagate’s Media App for Android and iOS, via the browser or other apps. Alternatively, of course, you can get access at any time without Seagate\’s help via a dynamic domain name service (DDNS) and a forwarding on the router.
Seagate Personal Cloud and \”real\” cloud services combine beautifully.
The actual personal cloud highlight is ownCloud. With the full-fledged open-source cloud solution, an optional piece of software is available to handle all access without any Seagate tools. ownCloud is available for all platforms, runs in the browser and can be extended with add-ons, for example with functions for calendar, links or sharing. With this second cloud solution alone, Seagate is ahead of the competition.
Even backups and syncs with other cloud services are exceptionally well-resolved: backups can be made using protocols such as SMB, FTP or even RSync and cloud providers such as Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and so on can be synchronized or also used for backups.

Seagate Personal Cloud Softwares

Functions and multimedia
A simple streaming server also belongs to simple private cloud NAS. Seagate’s standard variant is the same as most other low-cost solutions: a simple server that simply streams files from a given folder with no other features. And since not even new, user-specific folders can be added to the media library at Seagate, the streaming here is really not optimally solved.
For a device of this class is not self-evident: third-party apps expand the area of ​​application immensely. But Seagate is doing one thing that is not self-evident for this NAS class: There is a minimal \”app store\” to upgrade features. And the small selection is really good: ownCloud, WordPress, BitTorrent Sync, Shell in a Box and other useful helpers expand the field of application immensely. The highlight: Plex is a fully-fledged media center, including a chic media collection, optimized mobile streaming and so on. And so the Personal Cloud is likely to be a real, simple and affordable alternative to full-blown NAS servers.
Here it worked very well, but only after some tinkering: First, the server settings did not call first. The Solution: Turn off another Plex server on the network – so Seagate can not help it, that\’s a Plex-Unpredictability. After that, there were still no media sources to save – only after the language was changed from the standard English to German. This is far from nice and not a standard in Plex installations, but ultimately everything works.
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