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OneDrive Download. Like Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive is part of a much more extensive Web offer from the vendor. In the case of OneDrive, Office users are particularly likely to be attracted, as Microsoft has closely intertwined its Cloud hard drive with Office Online. Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Onenote documents stored in OneDrive can be opened, edited and shared directly in the web browser. The same Office web applications are also found in Dropbox, but without Onenote. Through its built-in version history, OneDrive displays the last 25 older versions of a file and can restore them at the push of a button. Something different here Google and Dropbox. Both do not include version numbers, but store older files for a total of 30 days.
OneDrive Software Download
OneDrive automatically sorts files and photos by categories, and adds the matching markers to images. Access to the Office applications is provided by OneDrive via a colorful menu in Windows design. The listed tile icons also contain Mail or, the online branch of the Outlook e-mail client. Drive can, for example, serve as a storage location for mail attachments. You can also manage contacts and calendar entries from Outlook with the Web service. Anyone who wants to use OneDrive on the PC can get started right away. Like Dropbox and Google Drive, the Microsoft Cloud service also has its own directory in Windows Explorer.
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OneDrive Software

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However, you do not have to create it separately, since it belongs since Windows 8.1 to the standard equipment of the file manager. The desktop client is also available for the Mac, but not for Linux systems. Apps for Windows Phone, Android and iOS are available for mobile management of cloud content. Sharing files and folders is easy, but not quite as sophisticated as Google Drive. For example, links are sent via e-mail, content can be easily shared on the social networks Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn with their friends. A feature of OneDrive is the automatic cataloging of content. Uploaded files move the service to suitably named subfolders, depending on its type.
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This does not work one hundred percent, but provides an overview. Amazingly accurate hits OneDrive lands in the cataloging of photos. They are checked for their metadata, additionally visually scanned and then tagged with the appropriate tags. In the basic version, OneDrive provides 5 GB of free space. For a monthly 2 euros will be 50 GB. If you pay 7 euros a month, OneDrive gets 1 TB of storage space including Office 365 for the PC. Microsoft OneDrive has been seamlessly integrated into the operating system since Windows 8, making it the easiest to access. If you use Office and Outlook, you can also use it in OneDrive.
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