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Logitech M185 Gaming Mouse Software Download. Logitech M185 has small size makes it comfortable, ergonomic and light. These characteristics make it very pleasant to the touch, the materials of which it is made are of excellent quality (considering the price, almost negligible). The icing on the cake is represented by the button (located behind the mouse), through which it is possible to turn off the mouse, when not in use. Impeccable quality / price ratio!

Logitech M185 Drivers & Download

The Logitech M185 battery inside has lasted more than a year. If you then turn off the mouse in the evening you can also forget that it is a battery mouse. Precise and punctual, instantly recognized by Windows, it is of ergonomic dimensions, neither too big nor too small.

It is a product that I would recommend to anyone looking for a wireless mouse. On the other hand, the USB receiver can be stored in a special compartment of the mouse, so that even when traveling you do not lose the pieces around. Really recommended to everyone, except those who have had carpal tunnel problems for which there are special products. Color: Gray (Swift Gray)Pattern name: M185 Compact Mouse. Finally a wireless mouse that satisfies me.

Logitech M185 Pros:

  • – Immediate installation on Windows 7/8/10
  • – Very precise
  • – Good grip that fits well in an average sized hand
  • – The USB wireless receiver really sticks out very little and you can very well leave it always attached even on a laptop

Logitech M185 Cons:

  • – Wheel slightly noisy
  • – ON / OFF switch located under the mouse slightly sunken, so if you don\’t have nails it takes a moment longer to operate.
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My activity is limited to using Office and browsing, with rare interludes of graphics and image correction. I own several computers and I always choose Logitech (wired or wireless) because, after having \’betrayed\’ this brand on two occasions (for other well-known brands, by the way), I thought it wise not to experiment further: you don\’t change a winning team.

The Logitech M185, in fact, have always appeared to me to be precise, the wireless ones with infinite duration of the single battery and very robust, except for the ease, in case of fall, detachment and \’rocket flight\’ of the battery door and the battery itself. I already owned two M185: One black / gray and one black / red, of which I had blocked the battery door with a piece of red tape to avoid that, in similar circumstances, the battery could go to hide under the furniture.

Logitech M185 Software Download

At the time of purchase I did not find a different color on Amazon and I had to settle for a second black / gray, which I distinguished by blocking the battery door with a scotch tape, this time, blue in color. Authentic work mules, capable of lasting several years and perfectly matching my (limited) needs.

I have been using it for a year and a half and have not had any problems, the battery is still the original one. I wanted to wait to do the review to be able to give a thoughtful judgment and I must say that this mouse seems perfect to me, it works on any surface, it is precise and responsive, the dimensions are right. I had doubts about wireless mice but now I don\’t even have one anymore, they are much more comfortable.

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The Logitech M185 battery I have in the one on the laptop has been lasting for about a year. It has a convenient compartment to store the receiver so as not to lose it while on the move. It is light, ergonomic and small in size. Below there is a small switch to turn it off, but I have not seen excessive battery consumption the several times that I have forgotten to turn it on. It\’s accurate, I also used it for graphics and video editing and windows 10 had no problem recognizing it.

Logitech M185 Driver Downloads & Software

Logitech M185 for Mac OS

Logitech Options – Software Version: 8.36.76 OS: macOS 11.0,macOS 10.15,macOS 10.14 File Size: 124 MB Download

Logitech M185 for Windows

Set Point – Software Version: 6.69.123 OS: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 10 File Size: 82.6 MB Download

Logitech Options – Software Version: 8.36.86 OS: Windows 7,Windows 10 File Size: 202 MB Download

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