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Google Drive Download. The cloud memory with the largest free space. 15 GB are available to every owner of a Google account. However, Drive shares this space with Google Mail (Gmail). Attachments and e-mails sent or received with the webmailer are therefore charged to the cloud quota. On the other hand, mail attachments can be stored on Drive without any major problems, and Gmail can be used to send content that is stored on the cloud hard disk. Another online tool is Google Photos. There uploaded pictures and videos also occupy space on Drive, if you leave the files in the original format. If you select the high quality option, Google will compress it.
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Photos the photos and videos, if their image size exceeds 16 megapixels, it then in return but no longer in the cloud space. Generously, Google Drive is the maximum file size. It is at 5 TB, making it possible, for example, to store very large backups in the cloud. Dropbox is the limit for a file size of 20 GB, Microsoft OneDrive already at 10 GB. To drive into these capacity regions, you need a storage space subscription on Google Drive. 100 GB cost 1.99 USD per month, 1 TB around 9.99 USD. Up to 30 TB can be booked, which then costs approximately 270 euros (299 US dollars).
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Download Software Google Drive
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Like Microsoft, Google is also combining its cloud storage with a collection of office tools. The Büropa ket is called Google Docs and allows to create texts, tables and presentations in the browser. Docs is not enough for the Microsoft suite in terms of functionality. The Web service can process all common Word, Excel and PowerPoint files. In addition, documents created in Google Docs can be stored in the Microsoft-compatible formats DOCX, XSLS and PPTX. Export as PDF or OpenOffice format is also possible. You can share content in Google Drive and Google Docs with other users, with the options here being very diverse, such as Microsoft OneDrive and Dropbox.
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Working with documents makes Drive very easy. Via its web interface, Google Drive can be as comfortable as the Dropbox and Microsoft memory. If you want to upload files via the browser, select either a directory or simply drag and drop it onto the window. Both works with Dropbox and Microsoft Onedrive as well. Older versions of all files hold Google Drive for 30 days. In addition to mobile apps for Android and iOS, Google offers a desktop app for PC and Mac. In Windows, the tool integrates with its own directory into Windows Explorer, just like its competitors.
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