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Doxie Q Software Download. At first I was very dissatisfied because I had problems with the move, but with the top service of Apparent everything could be done. My scanner was easily exchanged. In addition, I also received scanners slides in which you can do crumpled papers or small receipts, this helps immensely and makes scanning much faster and more reliable.
On the whole, a great concept- mobile, internal memory, and you can upload later to the computer later Uploading to the computer is my favorite feature. Thanks to internal memory, you can turn on the scanner, check receipt and then turn scanner off again. After a month you can then upload the whole, no annoying dock because of a sheet of paper. I chose this Doxie Q because I rarely scan and want to stow the device quickly and save space when I do not need it.

Doxie Q Driver Download

This scanner is worth the money. Everything about it is top! It is a pity that you can not drive the scanner directly via Twain. But the software does it all for one. You just need to scan and save, done! This Doxie Q scanner is so small and handy, so that scanning is not so annoying.
It starts in no time, the quality of the scans is great, the software is great, you can convert the scans into searchable PDF\’s and then texts copy it from (super handy for invoices to copy the IBAN for the transfer), I have not yet scanned photos, but that will come, the price is a bit high but I see it as an investment to digitize my files. First of all, you do not have to turn on the PC to scan, it saves everything and you can load it later into the PC.

Doxie Q Scanner Software Download

Doxie Q Software Download

Download Scanner Software Doxie Q

I find it particularly convenient to load the photos (in JPEG) or documents (PDF) directly onto the smartphone using the Doxie app. For example, if I have to send a document via email, I will upload it to the smartphone and send it from there, so I do not have to turn on the laptop and later I can remove the document if I do not delete it from the scanner times on the laptop load.
The optimization options (contrast, brightness, cropping, etc.) are limited in the app on contrast gain and rotation. But that\’s enough for fast shipping. I can also scan photos quickly and send them via whatsapp, super easy! I rarely had to charge the battery until now, have been using it regularly for months now. You can also use an SD card in Doxie to save and then put them into your PC or tablet and load the scans on your PC or tablet.

Download Software Scanner Doxie Q

The only thing that bothers a bit is that you always have to turn off the wi-fi to connect the smartphone or the laptop to the Doxie via the Doxie\’s own wifi. So the best way to connect the Doxie with the network! Also have the practical case for the road, so the Doxie remains dust-free and without scratches. Overall the Doxie Q is a good scanner with a very good resolution. Installation was very easy.
During the first charging process – after 7 hours charging time – the fully charged battery level was not displayed. The online support (in English) was great, 24h. The reason why I give only 4 stars is the following, you can on the App (iPhone) Unfortunately, no direct scan. You have to import all the files and import them. Theoretically no problem, but that bothers me a little. Basically super scanner with an extremely good resolution.
Download Software Doxie Q for WINDOWS (32/64-bit)
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