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Doxie Go SE Software Download. If the dream of a paperless office is to become reality, a scanner has to be made. If you do not want to finish the apartment and also turn papers away from the desk into high-resolution files, you should opt for a portable pull-through scanner. The Doxie Go SE Wi-Fi can be switched in spite of its small size in the resolution of 600 dpi, but for a hefty price. What the Doxie Go Wi-Fi still does is shown by my test.

The compact dimensions of the Doxie Go Wi-Fi of approximately 4.5 x 5.5 x 27 centimeters are similar to those of a standard Hungarian salami. The weight of just under 450 grams is effortlessly bearable in the backpack. Basically, this Doxie Go SE is ready for use immediately after unpacking, but you should first make a calibration with the help of the enclosed cardboard strip, which is done within seconds.

Doxie Go SE Software Scanner Download

After pressing the power button, it will flash green and signal operational readiness. The Doxie Go SE pulls on business cards, receipts and papers up to a width of 22 centimeters, which are put on the front feeder, with a whirring sound and put them out again on the back. The scanning process is pleasantly fast, one DIN A4 page is processed within ten seconds.

The scans are saved in JPG format on an integrated chip, which offers space for up to 400 color A4 scans in 300 dpi quality. Alternatively, the device on the back of a slot for an SD card, by means of which the memory can be expanded almost arbitrarily. If an SD card is inserted, Doxie automatically uses it as the primary storage medium. Pressing the power button while the power is on will change the resolution to 600 dpi.

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Download Scanner Software Doxie Go SE

The LED illumination of the power button changes from green to orange. The high-resolution scanning process of an A4 page takes around 40 seconds and is especially suitable for photos. For this purpose, the Doxie Go Wi-Fi includes a foil-coated sheet. Practical: Photos are inserted between sheet and foil, which prevents slipping.

In addition, the film sheet is suitable for scanning several small objects such as receipts in one pass or passing through porous originals without damage. The integrated battery of the Doxie Go SE Wi-Fi is charged with the included USB cable or the included internationally-compatible power supply. The capacity is sufficient for about 300 color scans of DIN A4 pages.

Download Software Scanner Doxie Go SE

Even if the battery drains during scanning, scans remain on the internal memory chip. Several ways lead to scanned images. When the Doxie Go Wi-Fi is connected to the Mac via a USB cable, the Finder detects it as an external drive. An SD card inserted in the Doxie will be displayed as a separate volume in the Finder. A button on the back activates the Doxie Go Wi-Fi\’s built-in wireless network.

If this is active, the LED on the device lights up blue. Macs and iOS devices can then connect to this network, with simultaneous connections possible. To access the scans wirelessly requires the Doxie software, which the manufacturer makes available on his website and in the App Store for Mac and iOS devices.

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