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Doxie Flip Software Download. With the Doxie Flip, the American company has taken on a rather neglected niche. The device does not have to put the pictures and photos on the scanner, but vice versa! The removable part of the photo scanner can be placed on pictures, stamps or other contents. In addition, its size in book format is ideal for transport.

This scanner was not designed for scanning documents, which it does, but for scanning (old) photo albums, photo albums, stamps, albums and even notes. Unique is its function, which is its so-called \”scanning window\”, which can be separated from the main unit. This is then done directly over the objects to be scanned, in practice it is possible to see directly through the window what is being scanned.

Doxie Flip Scanner Software Download

On the other hand, its compact size is only suitable for smaller images and scan objects and more than a maximum format as A6 (105 x 148mm) are not possible. The Dixie Flip has a clear specialization in Photos and Co. Speaking of mobile use: Even a mains power source is not necessary.

The Doxie Flip also runs on batteries. Alternatively, as with a classic photo scanner, the images and other objects can be placed on the scanner without removing the scanning window. The result of the scan process can be viewed directly on the device via a preview window.

Download Scanner Software Doxie Flip

The Doxie has completely dedicated himself to the processing of image material and co in the software, document processing has no important relevance. On the computer, the image material can be processed with the help of the in-house Doxie software. So you can easily create collagen and perform typical image processing steps. Convenient: If you want to scan too large an image, the software can combine several single images into a single image and reduce quality (Auto Stitch).

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A seamless link with social networks such as facebook and cloud services like Dropbox are just some of the functions that can already be called today. When evaluating the performance data, the small format and the intended use must be taken into account. Equipped is the Doxie Flip with a 600dpi sensor. This is enough for good picture quality completely.

Download Software Scanner Doxie Flip

However, if you want to perform large zooms and detail enlargements, this could be a bit too little for you. 7 seconds are required per scan at 300 dpi. This corresponds to the better average. The scanner would not be suitable for many scans because it does not have a rail or an automatic feeder. The Doxie Flip batteries last for up to 200 scans which is moderate, better batteries should be used here, otherwise high follow-up costs occur.

Thanks to its unique function, we are not aware of a scanner where the scanning part can be separated from the device, it is ideally suited as a photo scanner and also designed for it. It is technically not a high-end device, but it does not need to be in my test. If you want to backup and scan photos and old albums, you\’ll be very happy with the Dixie Flip.


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