Download Software Asus ROG Spatha + Firmware

Asus ROG Spatha Firmware Download. I got this Asus ROG Spatha in condition actually like new, except for the lack of the stickers provided by the bundle and the not perfect cleaning of the whole. The mouse works very well in all its features and has no defects of any kind, even the ROG Armory software I did not find so hostile (at least to Version 2.06.01), some bugs and interface to improve, but all in all has the necessary and I must say that I have seen much worse.

Asus ROG Spatha Software & Firmware Download

I come from \”a life\” of RAT, first 6 years of RAT7, then another 2 with RAT8, so my comparison is unique. First very pleasant thing that I found in the Spatha is the size, for my perfect hand, I have quite large hands and I must say that it fits me perfectly, the material instead I find it a little too plastic and slippery and in my opinion it helps the sweating of the palm, moreover I would have liked the possibility of increasing its weight (I find it quite light) and I would have liked a small base for the little finger (even smaller than the one provided for the thumb).

I also found a certain operating temperature, the mouse in activity maintains its own temperature, never hot, but which is still felt (I think because of the battery). Then I noticed that the clicks of the left button and right button emit a different sound, one drier and the other darker, but no problem with functionality. The arrangement of the left keys instead requires a certain habit, it being understood that you can make the most of 3 or 4 easily and in any case it happens to press other keys by mistake.

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Convenient in game the button in the center to lower the dpi. On the other hand, there is no possibility of viewing the dpi set and the profile variation from the mouse (both RAT had them). I find the feedback of the wheel quite good (many complain about it but I don\’t mind) and also the scrolling on the pad (I have an Asus Sheath).

For the rest, top materials and excellent build quality, complete bundle with the transport bag and the necessary tools and cables, the beautiful charging base with foot and the multilingual manual. Satisfied with the purchase on Warehouse at just under 90 € but after having had the opportunity to try it thoroughly I do not think I would pay for this mouse at the current market price. However, it remains a top of the range with unique and valuable features,

Asus ROG Spatha Pros:

The mouse is mechanically well made, the grip is comfortable even with an average hand, even if the mouse is quite large. The mouse with the most settings tested so far.

Asus ROG Spatha Cons:

On the Asus ROG Spatha software side it is poor (despite having updated all the drivers and firmware), if you keep the wireless receiving base connected (which is also the charging base) and the mouse at the same time with the cable (to recharge it while you use it in wireless mode) they conflict and the mouse no longer works well, you reset the profiles and change the settings during use.

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The battery even with the lighting completely off lasts less than advertised, sometimes if left still for a few minutes it freezes and you have to turn the mouse off and on again. In conclusion, I would say that it is absolutely not worth the top-of-the-range cost. I make it back and try other brands.

Windows Asus ROG Spatha Driver Download

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