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Amazon Drive Download. The Amazon unlimited storage memory runs out. Affected customers in the US received notifications and have to choose tariffs with limited volumes. It is currently unclear whether the offer with unlimited online storage space will soon be phased out in Germany. It was introduced here only a short year ago. The Amazon terminates the offer in the US with unlimited online storage space. In the future, more than one TByte of Amazon Drive will have additional and potentially multiple costs. Customers in the United States received corresponding notifications and more details emerge from a FAQ. It is unclear whether the offer \”Unlimited secure storage space\” will soon expire for European customers. Up to now no notifications of affected customers were known and no German-speaking FAQ was sighted.
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However, the offer in Germany also started only a short year ago in July 2016. Since then, Amazon customers have unlimited storage space for personal content such as photos, videos, movies, music and data for 70 euros per year. In the US, on the other hand, such an offer was already introduced in March 2015 to stop customers from using competing cloud services such as Google Drive and Dropbox. Now seems to have come for Amazon to the time to attract the thumb screws and demand higher fees. \”Amazon now offers options for customers to choose the appropriate storage tariff\”, says the FAQ.
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\”Amazon will no longer offer an unlimited storage tariff. Instead, we offer storage rates of 100 GB for 11.99 and 1 TB for $ 59.99. For up to 30 TB, each TByte will cost an additional $ 59.99. \”The existing unlimited tariff applies only in the current period of performance. Anyone who has chosen an automatic contract extension and has so far consumed less than 1 TByte will automatically switch to the 1-TB price of 59.99 dollars at the next due renewal. In the case of a non-automatic renewal, customers must opt ​​for one of the new tariffs.If more than the data volume provided for in the new tariff plan is already consumed, the customer can not initially upload additional files, but can only view, download or delete existing content.
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180 days remain for it to adjust his used storage space to the permissible quota or to opt for a more expensive tariff. Afterwards, Amazon wants to delete the last uploaded content, which are above the quota. Amazon Prime customers will have unlimited storage space for photos, but they will not be available for other content such as videos, music, and documents. Your memory consumed with photos will not be charged to an Amazon Drive rate should you choose one.
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