Download Software A4Tech Bloody G501

A4Tech Bloody G501 Software Download Headset. Since my old A4 headset, with which I have had really good experience, unfortunately failed due to a broken cable after several years of use, I decided to replace it. The fit is a bit of a problem with my ears, but the pads are nice and soft and conform well.

A4Tech Bloody G501 Driver Download – Tonemaker

After you have installed Tonemaker you can edit 4 of 5 presets for gaming, stereo and surround sound and simply switch with the button on the control unit. The A4Tech Bloody G501 microphone brings good sound performance and is extendable and the arm on which it is easy to adjust for the individual position you want. It can also be muted.

Unfortunately, I can”t say anything about the volume control, as my PC is controlled by the keyboard and therefore the control has no function. The cable is twisted and nice and stable. In the beginning, the headset ran very well. I just rate the sound as good and the micro quality, as other players told me, would be great. Now after 2-3 weeks of operation, the headset says goodbye again and again and more and more often.

I can\’t say whether it\’s the hardware itself or just the driver provided. I tried all USB ports (2.0 / 3.0). Finally the message came from Windows (8.1) USB device is not recognized. Even after multiple uninstall and reinstall. No more fun. It\’s a shame about the actually good headset! So I can only give 3 stars.

A4Tech Bloody G501 Software Download

You can save several settings through the program. Take good care of your ears. No pain material is very soft. The A4Tech Bloody G501 sound of Music \\ Games is great. Are made of good plastic. The 7.1 mode is almost never used. The program is easy to use, but you could do more boxes for the micro, you can hear from afar where the opponents come from.

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I can only recommend this A4Tech Bloody G501. Great praise for the fast delivery and the top quality. Visually nice and good quality sound is great but the microphone is bad other players complaining about croaking voices. My first headphones from Bloody. Bought to fill my collection (keyboard and mouse), they look very good, microphone has a clear voice, adjustable size is a good option, downloadable program is very simple and easy to use. Recommend!

I\’m not a headphones expert at all but I like these. The brand was recommended by someone on facebook and they have a nice long cable which loosely curls itself up over time, mic works well, not heavy to wear. Sounds pretty terrible even for a cheaper headset. Both in terms of input and output, not sure how this got good reviews. Brilliant. For this price is much better than 90 percent of expensive headset.

A4Tech Bloody G501 Software Download

Download A4Tech Bloody G501 Software Tone Maker for Windows 32/64-bit

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