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Samsung Universal Print Driver is a universal printer driver for Samsung supposedly lets you work with multiple devices from a single controller manufacturer. However for the ML-1210 it is a driver that, at least under Windows XP does not work properly finishing even disable the printer as it makes its original controller stops activated by being more recent, living in the printers folder Windows printer previously detected as \’Samsung ML-1200 Series\’ always as disconnected along with the new \’Samsung universal Print driver\’ does not work correctly. This universal driver is maintained even once it has been uninstalling software, so this is formally impossible to return the printer to work with your previous and specific controller. Remove the new printer from the Printers and Faxes folder is not actually more to delete a shortcut that reappear when the printer is connected, and delete it from the device manager activating see / show hidden devices is simply removed from the list a problematic device will be detected when connected.
Samsung Universal Printer Driver Download
Download Samsung Universal Printer Driver
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Attempting to change from this menu your controller or assign the old driver from the menu properties / advanced printer options is another solution that is not maintained after a reboot because Windows will always use the latest version of the drivers you need. The only solution it is a real erase the problematic driver. The following steps shown how, to automatically Windows reuse the traditional driver of the ML-1210: From the Printers and Faxes control panel, open the File menu / server properties / drivers.
Supported Samsung Printer:
Samsung CLP 300N
Samsung CLP-300
Samsung CLP-310
Samsung CLP-315W
Samsung CLP-320N
Samsung CLP-325W
Samsung CLP 350N
Samsung CLP 365N
Samsung CLP 365W
Samsung CLP 415NW
Samsung CLP 500
Samsung CLP 510
Samsung CLP 550
Samsung CLP 610ND
Samsung CLP 660ND
Samsung CLP 670ND
Samsung CLP 680ND
Samsung CLP 770ND
Samsung CLP 775ND
Samsung CLX 3170FN
Samsung CLX 3175
Samsung CLX 3185
Samsung CLX 3185FN
Samsung CLX 3185FW
Samsung CLX 3305FW
Samsung CLX 4195FW
Samsung CLX 6200
Samsung CLX 6220FX
Samsung CLX 6250FX
Samsung CLX 6260FD
Samsung CLX 6260FW
Samsung CLX 8380ND
Samsung CLX 8385ND
Samsung CLX 8385NX
Samsung CLX 9250ND
Samsung CLX 9350ND

Samsung SCX 4623FN
Samsung SCX 4623FW
Samsung SCX 4729FW
Samsung SCX 4729FD
Samsung SCX 4824FN
Samsung SCX 4825FN
Samsung SCX 4828FN
Samsung SCX 4833FD
Samsung SCX 4835FR
Samsung SCX 5635FN
Samsung SCX 5639FR
Samsung SCX 5737FW
Samsung SCX 5835FN
Samsung SCX 5835NX
Samsung SCX 6322DN
Samsung SCX 6545N
Samsung SCX 6545NX
Samsung SCX 6555N
Samsung SCX 6555NX
Samsung SCX 8030ND
Samsung SCX 8040ND
Samsung SF 650
Samsung SF 760P
Samsung ML 1630W
Samsung ML 1640-2240
Samsung ML 1670
Samsung ML 1860
Samsung ML 1865
Samsung ML 2160
Samsung ML 2165
Samsung ML 2165W
Samsung ML 2525W
Samsung ML 2571N
Samsung ML 2580N
Samsung ML 2851NDR
Samsung ML 2855ND
Samsung ML 2955DW
Samsung ML 2955ND
Samsung ML 3051N
Samsung ML 3310ND
Samsung ML 3312ND
Samsung ML 3471ND
Samsung ML 3710ND
Samsung ML 3712ND
Samsung ML 3712DW
Samsung ML 3750ND
Samsung ML 4050N
Samsung ML 4510ND
Samsung ML 4512ND
Samsung ML 4551N
Samsung ML 4551NDR
Samsung ML 5012A
Samsung ML 5012ND
Samsung ML 5015ND
Samsung ML 5017ND
Samsung ML 5510ND
Samsung ML 5512ND
Samsung ML 6510ND
Samsung ML 6512ND
Samsung SCX 3205W
Samsung SCX 3405FW
Samsung SCX 3405W
Samsung SCX 4300
Samsung SCX 4500W
Samsung SCX 4600
And many more Samsung printer types
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