Download Router Firmware Zyxel Prestige 660HN-T1A

Download Router Firmware Zyxel Prestige 660HN-T1A. The Zyxel Prestige 660HN-t1a today\’s report is the latest revision of the range 660 that has been so successful and has evolved into a more interesting options price / quality ratio. The Zyxel 660HN-T1A is the substitute 660HW-T1v3 which an analysis was made on this website. This new model has two significant changes one at the WIFI section and one in the housing design that does not resemble the previous model. All routers I\’ve had the 660 range on average used to have a 20% consumption of CPU and nearly 60% of RAM. Is improved either because it brings a different kind of firewall or improved components will cause the router go a little looser.
Download Router Firmware Zyxel Prestige 660HN-T1A
Another important aspect is safety, Zyxel 660HN-t1a comes with an integrated firewall. To prove I\’ve done a port scan on GRC and the selected option is \”All Service Ports\”. This has resulted in firewall since it is as is the default, right results appear after clicking Text Summary and down an explanation of how to interpret the data:
The conclusion is simple with the firewall enabled greater security we have our invisible ports and if we removed are mostly closed least one further being more exposed to hackers.
On the use P2P programs behave well, I\’ve tried in a long run of at least 20 hours on and have not had any problems. One of the problems that people usually complain is that when you are using is this type of program navigation is slow and sometimes even impossible. As with 660HN-t1a I can assure correct viewing web pages, somewhat slower than usual but that happens with all routers. In this sense it is comparable to 660HW-T1 v3, goes slightly better than the original and 660HW-D1 significantly higher than with Telefonica 660HW-D1. If you have any problems navigation is because the upload speed of Emule we have to stop and simply lowering it a little return everything to normal.

An original Zyxel remarkable for three things, one is the integrated firewall that will be our first line of defense and allow us to feel more secure. The other is that the holder is who makes the firmwares will be the Zyxel own instead of Telefónica, not counting officers bring more. Third in the WIFI is against WPA WPA2 encryption for Telefonica. In 660HN-t1a that we can consider both a technical and aesthetic evolution over its predecessors. On the technical side we should highlight the WIFI N and paragraph aesthetic replacement of traditional housing by a vertically with an indoor antenna. In short, the Zyxel Prestige 660HN-t1a is a good router designed for family and small office environment that will not disappoint. If you want to ask a question about this model or another of the same brand you can do in the Zyxel Forum ADSLZone.

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