Download Router Firmware Zyxel P870 HW-51a

Download Router Firmware Zyxel P870 HW-51a. This time we have in our hands the router Zyxel P870 HW-51a, is currently one of the routers that Movistar provides its customers VDSL and FTTH. The router has left us a good feeling in general, especially in regard to wireless connectivity, as it has great stability and coverage anywhere in the house. It is in the same range as other routers in the same segment (Huawei or Comtrend).
Download Router Firmware Zyxel P870 HW-51a
External analysis
In this part, we discuss the router when it comes to appearance, LAN, DSL ports and status LEDs. This is the appearance of the router once out of the box: On the front you can see 8 LEDs and a button. The utility that owns the button is to disconnect and connect the Wi-Fi network, has exactly the same functionality as pierced with a clip into the hole that has over 3 seconds.
For about 20 seconds, only the light stays on (the left one). Then, if we have the Wireless enabled the corresponding light will illuminate. At that time, the router begins to synchronize with the PBX, DSL light flashes. If the connection is successful, the light blinks faster and faster to stay still (more intense yellow). Once connected, the router checks whether the configuration has is valid for internet access. If we have no connection, internet light will glow red fixed. If, however, the verification is successful, the light will stay yellow and flashes when there is traffic. We verified as the appearance of the router, now let\’s see how it would yield offered for the user.
Test Stands
First we do a test of Wi-Fi, something very important today and a user attaches great importance. As we will see, that this is the signal level in different parts of a duplex. For this test I used a Dell laptop with a wireless card Broadcom model DW1501. The operating system used is Linux Ubuntu 64 bits, and the program is called Wavemon. If anyone is interested is in the official repositories. To say that the transfer rate was maintained throughout the discharge, so the file in just a minute and a half I was already down on the portable.
This is a good router, a Wi-Fi very good performance and good LAN bandwidth. Online stability is very good and the online game gives very good performance with a VDSL line 10/1. Against him, has the firmware issue Movistar, the DNS relay does not correctly, so if we want the pages to load correctly and not left half load, will need to manually assign us DNS of our operator in our network card. Before long, you will see a detailed menu of the router and its configuration possibilities manual.
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