Download Router Firmware TRENDnet TEW-691GR

Download Router Firmware TRENDnet TEW-691GR. When present one of the first Wireless N routers running at 450Mbps (max) has been reached. His name is TRENDnet TEW-691GR and willing to outperform other routers of competition in both performance and scope Wireless. This analysis is divided into three distinct parts, external inspection where we see the router on the outside, internal analysis where dismantle the equipment for each component and finally our laboratory Ethernet and Wireless tests to check their performance.
Here is the router with antennas mounted …! Why are mounted and are not at the bottom of the box to screw them ourselves? Because they are not removable … is a decision of the brand because reach 450Mbps is critical and are connected directly to the board, it seems that they have decided that they can not be disassembled to provide the best possible performance. If we want change we do \”DIY\”.
Here we can see the LEDs that indicate activity. From left to right we can see the WPS for quick connection of wireless devices, then we have the WLAN indicating whether the WiFi is enabled and if we have wireless activity. The following LED has no function, then we can see the 4 LAN, WAN and finally the LED on the router. We can see the power connector must deliver 12V and 1A of intensity, then we have the reset button and right … a button on / off !!. TRENDnet TEW-691GR This is one of the few high-end routers that incorporate a button of this type … and although its function only switching on and off, is appreciated not having to remove the power cord and leave it hanging off if we want . We can also find a button on / off Wi-Fi, this team another positive point, that if that very few teams have it, is perfect if you do not want to use the WiFi not have to enter the menu to disable it. On the right we see the WAN input (blue). And here we see the 4 inputs Gigabit Ethernet LAN. On the left side we see another grid and WPS button. Detail WPS button, which will connect our devices by pressing a single button. Thus far we have come with the external analysis of this team. We hope you enjoyed outside … but now comes the really important inside the router and all its chipsets and main characteristics of all of them.
Download Router Firmware TRENDnet TEW-691GR
Internal Analysis
Once you have seen the outside of the machine and its main features, proceed to disassemble it and see in detail each piece of equipment. To disassemble must remove the two rubber down and remove the two screws that are beneath them. Overview of all hardware, highlights the Atheros chip, Ralink and cables coming from the external antennas to the router plate. Later you will know in detail each of these components. We see the Atheros AR8316 chip-AK1E, team manager switch. Provides 4 ports with Auto-MDIX 10/100/1000 connectivity. This chip is characterized by low consumption, consuming only 0.1W when not using the Ethernet ports. It also provides an access control list (ACL), QoS, security policies and support 802.1p standard (provides traffic prioritization and dynamic multicast filtering), IGMP also guaranteed by hardware.
This chip is responsible for managing all the wireless part and therefore provide these high wireless speed thanks to it\’s 3T3R (3 transmit antennas and 3 receive antennas) and support for bands 2.4GHz and 5GHz (double band). The three antennas are to achieve the promised 450Mbps. Ralink was the first manufacturer to develop the Three-Stream technology provides 450Mbps famous and supports dual band. This chip also provides QoS, WiFi Multimedia (WMM) and WiFi Multimedia access control (called WMM-AC) to manage more efficiently the audio and video via Wireless. It also has PHY and when this feature is enabled provides us with 450Mbps. NAT also has hardware to increase performance, and could not miss the clock speed of the MIPS CPU is 500MHz. It is also able to manage USB but this model of router incorporates not this feature. Here you can see one of the most important parts of this equipment, antennas, 3 antennas with 3 independent circuitries to provide maximum performance. Why the antennas are not removable? Because they are directly attached to the plate without passing through any connector, so avoid the slightest loss as to provide 450Mbps is critical.
After all these data will be thinking: If the chipset supports the 5GHz band and has 3 antennas, why not a dual-band router (simultaneous)? Because the GUI not integrated team … and even if integrase not work because the amplifiers are for the 2.4GHz band sacrificing the 5GHz band. We believe TRENDnet has chosen to achieve high transfer in the 2.4GHz band (up to 450Mbps) wireless knowing the scope of this band is higher than in the 5GHz (and therefore get better performance from far away).
This team gives a very good performance close to the access point, intermediate and distant points also behaves quite well environments. On the negative side we have the Intel 4965AGN card is completely incompatible with the chipset of this router, not able to get 1MB / s speed … it is clear that there is an incompatibility between them. On the opposite side we have to point Gaming access have also been used in these tests, the model in question is the TRENDnet TEW-687GA of that you have a review (or you shall soon) at the access points RedesZone section and giving a simply outstanding performance in any environment.
This team works exceptionally well in near the AP and an average distance environments, if we go, the performance of wireless cards fall, however, if we have an Access Point TEW-687GA get the best possible performance in any environment. We must be critical to the operation of the Intel 4965AGN card, in all previous tests with different equipment performance was always among the best, in this case the results are disappointing. Not available for connecting USB hard drives or printers. Performance LAN-> WAN lower than expected, if we use P2P intensively, we will have bandwidth problems and blockages. Poor performance with the Intel 4965AGN card incorporating laptops both short and long distances. Few advanced in the Firmware options falls short for people \”Geek\”.
This model we have analyzed is very complete, if you want a router that gives you maximum performance Wireless, today we recommend this model, the evidence speaks for itself. However, in the aspect of maximum concurrent connections we are left with a bittersweet taste, although tests P2P real and tests with many connections with JDownloader has behaved well. The hardware of this equipment is very new and has not yet brought him maximum performance, we expect the technical team TRENDnet develops new firmware updates to improve it further, would also be a very good point in your favor if added new features like such an OpenVPN server or a captive portal.
Warning..! Please do not upgrade firmware on any TRENDnet product using the wireless connection. 
The firmware upgrade over wireless connection may damage the product. So please perform firmware upgrade only via \”wired\” network connection
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