Download Router Firmware TRENDnet TEW-812DRU

Download Router Firmware TRENDnet TEW-812DRU. Now an analysis of the TRENDnet TEW-812DRU v2, the current router brand logo TRENDnet. The main feature of this router is that it\’s TEW-812DRU v1 improved. According TRENDnet has improved its performance and will now get double speed wireless in comparison with the first version of the model. In the new version of the product will have wireless network encryption by default, in the previous version the network was open by default. The new model incorporates a TRENDnet USB 3.0 port, the previous model had a USB 2.0. TRENDnet has also designed a new firmware from 0 with a very intuitive management in firmware tests will see in detail these changes. You can view the new firmware from TRENDnet simulator.
Now we are going to remember the main technical characteristics of this model, since it is possible that you have not seen the analysis of the TEW-812DRU v1. The main technical characteristics of this team is its simultaneous dual-band Wi-Fi AC. Can achieve speeds of up to 450Mbps in the 2.4GHz band (Wireless 802.11n 40MHz channel width) thanks to technology Three-Stream MIMO 3T3R configuration and speeds up to 1300Mbps on the 5GHz band, thanks to technology Wi- using AC Fi channel width 80MHz. This standard only works in this band, you have everything to do with 802.11ac in this article. The six antennas that incorporates (3 for the 2.4GHz band and 3 for the 5GHz band) have a gain of 2 dBi. For all this, this router is called as AC1750, do you know what this nomenclature? We recommend you read this: nomenclatures used by manufacturers.
Other features wireless interesting is that it has multiple-SSID (network 3 for each band), Wi-Fi guest with possibility to assign a subnet different from using the home network and WPS button for synchronization fast and secure network access -End with our devices. This team also has four Gigabit Ethernet ports for LAN and Gigabit Ethernet port to the WAN (Internet). It also has a port for USB 3.0 network file sharing site (Samba and FTP) and also to share printers on a local network. Another feature that we are like a lot is that there is a button on / off switch on the router, perfect for not having to remove the cable if you want to turn it off. Many manufacturers do not remember this detail so important and do not incorporate this button on their computers.
Download Router Firmware TRENDnet TEW-812DRU
The RAM of this router is the Winbond W9751G6KB-25, the main characteristics of this memory is that DDR2 SDRAM and has a capacity of only 64MB. Flash memory is Macronix MXIC MX25L6406E with only 8MB capacity. The 2.4GHz band is governed by the Broadcom chipset BCM4331KMLG, the main features of this chip is that it supports speeds up to 450Mbps by using three internal antennas in MIMO 3T3R configuration and technology Three-Stream. With this setup we can use the wireless network intensively as we provide good performance. The amplifiers Wi-Fi in the 2.4GHz band are the SiGe SE2605L incorporates three units, one for each antenna and is located at the back of the plate. As you will see on the part of the firmware, the manufacturer has incorporated the manual option to broadcast in the 2.4GHz band with a width of 40MHz channel, a big decision. The 5GHz band uses a Broadcom chopset BCM4360KMLG is compatible with standard 802.11ac 3T3R MIMO configuration (three transmit antennas and three receive antennas) technology Three-Stream for speed wireless up to 1300Mbps. This driver includes everything you need to work with the standard 802.11ac as radio, Wi-Fi subsystem and baseband. If you connect equipment compatible with 802.11n Wi-Fi can reach speeds of up to 450Mbps.

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The performance of this USB Router TEW-812DRU v2 is good, but we expected better performance because it uses a Broadcom chipset that currently use other high-end router, and the latter if they get better transfer rates. We believe that the firmware is the weak point of this team that does not allow the hardware to squeeze the maximum. In fact, the use of USB 3.0 does not matter because we do not reach the limit of the USB interface, and as you can see in the tests, transfer rates are very similar.
The Samba server and FTP have worked well, however, that a high-end router does not incorporate a DLNA media server subtracts many points of view to the final evaluation, we expect TRENDnet update the firmware of this unit for incorporating the improvements performance LAN-WAN, USB, and also add a DLNA server that today is basic.
Firmware TRENDnet TEW-812DRU v2
TRENDnet has renewed almost entirely firmware built into this router. The LAN remains the property Once we got on the menu, we have the option of putting it in Spanish language, something to thank for bringing the equipment options to users that are not handled well in English. To enter the menu, the User is \”admin\” and the password is what lies beneath the router or sticker that comes with the computer. The menu have almost completely redesigned, now we have two submenus, one for basic configurations typical of other advanced equipment and for configurations that require more knowledge of what we are doing.
Final Conclusions
The new version of the router TEW-812DRU v2 has improved in many aspects to the first version of the device. We have achieved very good performance in both the LAN and the WAN, resulting in a somewhat lower yield similar or in some cases and in others with better compared to the first version of the device. Regarding the speed and wireless coverage has improved all measures with respect to the previous version, but we expected better performance in remote places, where the previous version behaves better. As for the USB 3.0 port, not really seen an improvement over USB 2.0 and that at no time we are limited by the data bus port, but by the team. In this regard we achieved better performance than the previous version of the TEW-812DRU. A very negative aspect is that the team is still without a DLNA server for playing multimedia content streaming.
The new firmware TRENDnet has developed a very in favor because it changes almost completely the interface of the previous version and allows to evolve and provide users with a firmware cleaner, especially in the main menu. Today, the performance of this equipment in all we do recommend it over other brand equipment, even if we are realistic, it lags behind its direct competitors. TRENDnet has the hardware required on the computer, but we believe we need to optimize the firmware to make the most of.
In the first version, the TEW-812DRU stood at the gates of \”Recommended Product\”, this second version has improved in many ways, but have worsened in others such as Wi-Fi locations away from the access point or performance LAN and WAN TCP few threads. In addition, they have incorporated a DLNA media server, therefore, are still getting to the gates of glory. We should also add that this router version 2 replaces the first version, so that we will no longer buy the first one.

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