Download Lexmark Universal Printer Driver

Lexmark Universal Printer Driver Download. This Print Driver Lexmark universal provides users and directors with a unified solution with a single driver for all their printing you wants. Rather of individual drivers for every printer mannequin to put in and manipulate, directors can install the common Print Driver Lexmark to be used with a variety of monochrome and color laser printers and multifunction contraptions. With the package of universal print drivers Lexmark are on hand in 22 languages ​​and aid greater than 60 printer items, whether or not in the neighborhood or related through a community. All of the applications are validated in clustered server environments, Microsoft Terminal Server and Citrix environments, and are Microsoft WHQL-certified (digitally signed). PCL 5, PCL XL and PostScript 3 emulations are available for windows 2000 and later. Because of the performance for bidirectional communique driver can mechanically detect the installed options and updating both for the period of installation and at the request of the user. On this manner, the driving force may also be tailored to the one of a kind capacities of our exclusive printers, but in contrast to different universal driver is the network traffic is minimal.

Lexmark Universal Printer Driver Download
Download Lexmark Universal Printer Driver
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With only one packet to be managed, is to test and certify internal print drivers simplified by means of the common printer driver packages from Lexmark. Time spent on set up, each on servers and workstations, is broadly lowered, and area on the tough drive earlier occupied through many product-special drivers is now generally lowered. The universal Print Driver Lexmark packages use the same GUI because the product-precise drivers to which customers are aware of, and share all queues the identical interface, therefore coming into fewer questions on the help desk. Customers can create and save profiles for essentially the most most of the time used settings, or they may be able to use profiles created for them by IT. Directors can use the Lexmark common Print printer driver packages to develop the environmental policies of their manufacturer. The default queue settings can also be adjusted to 2-sided printing, printing multiple pages on one sheet (N-up), toner darkness, and other resources-saving measures may also be added.

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The Lexmark Universal Print Drivers are available for the following operating systems in 32-bit and 64-bit versions (where available):

Windows 10 – Windows 8.1 – Windows 8 – Windows 7 – Windows Vista – Windows XP – Windows Server 2012 – Windows Server 2008 – Windows Server 2008 R2 – Windows Server 2003 – Windows Server 2000 – Windows 2000 3
Lexmark printer device compatibility
The Lexmark Universal Print Drivers are compatible with the following devices:

Pro4000 Series (Pro4000, Pro4000c)
Pro5500 Series (Pro5500, Pro5500t)
Pro710 Series (Pro715, Pro719)
Pro910 Series (Pro915, Pro919, Pro912)
S310 Series (S315, S319)
S410 Series (S415, S419)
S510 Series (S515, S519)

X260, X360 Series
X340n2, X342n2
Optra T612, Optra T614, Opta T616

E238, E240 Series
E240, E340 Seriesk
E250, E350, E450 Series
Optra S 2450, Optra S 2455
CS310 Series
CS410 Series
CS510 Series
CX310 Series
CX410 Series
CX510 Series
X540 Series
X548 Series
X730 Series
X740 Series
X760 Series
X770 Series
X780 Series
X790 Series
X910 Series
X925, XS925 Series
X940 Series
X950 Series
E230 Series
E260 Series
E330 Series
E360 Series
E460 Series
E320 Series
E3211, E3231
MS310 Series
MS410 Series
MS510 Series
MS610 Series
MS710 Series
MS810 Series
T420 Series
T430 Series
T520 Series
T620 Series
T630 Series
T640 Series
T650 Series
W820 Series
W840 Series
W850 Series
Optra S 1625
Optra S 1855
Optra S 2420
MX310 Series
MX410 Series
MX510 Series
MX610 Series
MX710 Series
MX810 Series
X200 Series
X422 Series
X460 Series
X640 Series
X650 Series
6500e Series
X820 Series
X830 Series
X850 Series
X860 Series
C510 Series
C520 Series
C530 Series
C540 Series
C734 Series
C740 Series
C750 Series
C760 Series
C770 Series
C780 Series
C790 Series
C920 Series
C930 Series
C950 Series
Download Lexmark Universal Printer Driver Package

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Update 2016:
Lexmark Universal Driver Info & Support List
Download Lexmark Universal Printer Driver Package
Download PostScript UPD Lexmark Universal Printer Driver Package
Download PCL XL Lexmark Universal Printer Driver Package
Download PCL 5e Lexmark Universal Printer Driver Package
Download Lexmark Universal FAX Driver

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